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The Great Chinese Songs in Chinese History

The Great Chinese Songs

Recently we have shared the overview of Chinese music for you. After reading that article, you can have the comprehensive acquaintance about the music of China. Today we will keep our goal to share more great Chinese songs for you. We will recommend the songs from 1930 to 2012 which was were very popular in China. Every song would have the youtube music video for you.Just enjoys it.

The songs of 1930 to 1940

Picking Areca by Zhou Xuan

Picking Areca is composed by Lee Ching Kwang who was from Xiangtan, Hunan Province in 1930s.According to the Hunan folk song Double River Melody, he composed the new song and the lyrics are wrote by Yin Yiqiu.Zhou Xuan was the shaky light of this song.

The lyrics of this song are free chatting and apparently unpolitical.Then it became the great song of Zhou Xuan.In 1980s to 1990s, there were many cover versions of this song by many Chinese female singers like Stella, Teresa Teng, Fong Fei Fei, Long Piau Piau, Timi Zhuo, Melissa Wu.The song is popular again and becomes the great old popular Shanghai music at present

The Wandering Songstress by Zhou Xuan

The Wandering Songstress was the episode of the movie Angels on the Road in 1937.The composer and songwriter are the famous musician Tian Han who is the composer of the Chinese national anthem and He Luting who was the dean of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.The famous female singer Zhou Xuan sang this song.

The melody adopted the musical element of folk song of northern China.According to this song, Zhou Xuan laid her position in the movie circle in Shanghai and the history of Chinese movie.

Youth Dance by Zhu Fengbo

Youth Dance was basically the short and dapper song of Sinkiang.In 1939, the king of western Chinese singer LuoBing Wang adapted it within the arrangement of the song of Western China.Then he adapted it into Chinese lyrics.The song is not only sang in Chinse people but also sang with other people from other countries.

Rose, Rose I Love You by Wu Cun

Rose. Rose I Love You is the famous Chinese song.Its original name is Rose.Wu Cun wrote the lyrics of this song and Chen Gexin.This song has the soft, bold, high melody.It integrated the feeling of the city with the folk melody to a block.

The lyrics of the song are visualized brilliance and are lyrical.It shows the feeling that the wind can’t destroy the relation of rose with the land.The original singer is the famous female singer Yao Lee who was popular in 1930s to 1940s.

The songs of 1940 to 1950

Blossoms Under The Full Moon by Zhou Xuan

In the history of China between 1940 to 1950.It’s the most turbulent times not only in China but also in the world.China is invaded by Japan at that time.

This song didn’t effect by the situation and still become popular in the society.The song is the theme song of the movie Romance of the Western Chamber.Fan Yanqiao wrote the word of this song and Yan Hua composed it.

Nightlife In Shanghai by Zhou Xuan

Nightlife in Shanghai is the night of Shanghai in the period of the Republic of China.Because the early nightclub was forming in Shanghai and Shanghai also were famous for this.

Song Nightlife in Shanghai was the famous song which sang by Zhou Xuan.The song is the theme song of the Hong Kong story movie Missing You in 1947.There are many cover versions of it like Annie Yi, Tsai Chin, Di-Lan Yang, Vicki Zhao, XiaoYaXian.

It was recognized as the best famous Chinse representative song and also the representative song of Zhou Xuan.The famous song is still to be remembered by people even 70 years past.

The songs of 1960 to 1970

Endless Love By Gu Mei

In 1961, SB movie company had shot the movie Endless Love which amazed all of the Chinese filmdom and became the classical movie in the history of Chinese movie.The same name theme song Endless Love is hard to sing and has the deep connotation but Gu Mei show the perfect meaning of this song.

There is many people copied this song and cover sing it but they can’t copy the golden age of that time and the graceful record of her.Gu Mei not only relied on the Endless Love to become the famous singer,but also was very popular at the golden age of her.

The songs of 1970 to 1980

The Moon Represents My Heart By Teresa Teng

The Moon Represents My Heart is composed by Sun Yi and wrote by Weng Qingxi. In 1972, Chen Fen Lan first sang this song.But in 1977, Teresa Teng sang this song again, and the song was popular in the Chinese world.After that, many Chinese singers sang the song again and the song was selected and used in many films and television programs and became the most widely spread song in Chinese world and all of the world.

In 1999, the Teresa Teng Version The Moon Represents My Heart was selected into the top of the Hong Kong top ten Chinese songs in the 20th century.In 2011, the Teresa Teng Version The Moon Represents My Heart was selected into the top candidate of Taiwan one hundred top ten great songs.

Good Wine with Coffee Added by Teresa Teng

Good Wine with Coffee Added is composed by Lin Huang Kun and wrote by Gu Yue.Note don't tempt to attempt to add the coffee into the wine.In fact, wine with coffee will hurt your health.After you drunk the wine, your body would launch the natural protected system likes walking dictatorial. Sleeping, throwing up which are the self-protection.But due to the coffee, it would stop the brain to feel your body then you would drink more than before.

The mixture would take any serious consequence even threaten the safety of your life likes alcoholism, drunk driving etc.

Sweet Honey by Teresa Teng

Sweet Honey is sang by Teresa Teng.The melody of this song is from the folk song of Indonesia.The song is wrote by Zhuang Nu.

Sweet Honey is the earliest song that sang and popular in mainland China.In 2008, Sweet Honey was selected to the ten classical song in the thirty years of the reform and opening-up by Southern Weekly.

Love Song In 1980 By Tayu Lo

Love Song in 1980 is a song that wrote and composed by Tayu Lo and recorded in his first personal album Literary Jarogons.It’s also the first song of the series of love song which the most classical song of Tayu Lo.The song is the first pure love song of Tayu Lo and initiate the road of tender feelings of Tayu Lo.Undoubtedly, this song is the classical work of Tayu in the old classical songs.

Shanghai Beach by Frances Yip

Shanghai Beach is a song that sang by Frances Yip and wrote by James Wong and composed by Joseph Koo and recorded in the same name album Shanghai Beach of Frances Yip in 1980.This song is the theme song of teleplay Shanghai Beach which Chow Yun-Fat and Angie Chiu act the leading role.

The song is very sweetly and has many ups and downs.The vigorous and unrestrained voice of Frances Yip sang the unceasing fight and the deep and tender feelings of Shanghai.Shanghai Beach conceal many feelings and you can listen the sound like family-country, hometown and taste the life change.

James Wong made the sea wave and tidewater as the metaphor which is the setback and peak in your life.He never had been to Shanghai but used the great word to depict the scene of Shanghai.The ambient melody and the beautiful lyrics of this song make the song influence the deep heart of the listener then it became the classic song of Chinese music.

The songs of 1980 to 1990

The Expression In Your Eyes by Tsai Chin

This song is main song of the same name album of the third personal album of Tsai Chin.This song is one of the most romantic song of Tsai Chin and is soul-stirring by Tsai Chin.It fully indicate that Tsai Chin had the strength of singing to win the queen of Taiwan love song.

The writer made the eyes of the lover to a metaphor which likes a drizzle in your heart that shows the deeper feeling between the lovers.

Good Old Days by Tayu Lo

Good Old Days is a classical old song which evaluated at the top 100 Chinese old song you must listen. The Good Old Days is wrote and composed by Tayu Lo and firstly sang by Zhang Aijia and recorded in album Childhood.Tayu Lo used his soulful voice to make the Chinese lyrics of Good Old Days to be popular.

In 1980s, music godfather Tayu Lo initiated the new section of popular music.Always can touch your nerve and take your memory to past.Please value the youth, the running water would take the time to leave and take the moonstruck youth.

Wishing We Last Forever by Teresa Teng

Wishing We Last Forever was firstly sang by Teresa Teng which rewrite with Prelude to Water Melody of Su Shi.This song is recorded in the song album Light Exquisite feeling of Teresa Teng which is the peak album in her life in 1983.The song of all of this album is selected from the famous song poems which tested by a thousand years.

After covering with modern popular music, Teresa Teng sing them with her great soft voice which is full of elegance, solemn, blandness, tenderness or affection.The light Exquisite Feeling album has come more than 20 years since 1980 but the time can’t cover the beauty of its. Wishing We Last Forever is the main song of this album and become very popular.There is any cover version about this song.

Cash for Recycled Bottles by Julie Su

Cash for Recycled Bottles is the theme song of the movie followed the Wrong Train in 1983. The movie follow the Wrong Train described a story that a veteran dumb uncle with an abandoned baby.The veteran dumb uncle collected junk for a living.In a morning of the winter of 1958, the veteran dumb uncle pick up an abandoned baby which named Amei.

After that, the veteran dumb uncle not only as a day but also a mother, the father and daughter lived alone and struggled with the poor days.The uncle brings Amei up depend on the slender income.With the help of the young composer Shi Jun Mai, Amei become a famous female singer.But after Amei was famous, she forgets the kindness that the dumb uncle gave to her.In one vocal concert, Shi Jun Mai was near by the old home of Amei to see her father.

When he arrived there, he hear the story from the neighbor that how the dumb uncle amused Amei by the trumpet.Shi Jun Mai got the inspiration and then didn’t see the dumb father and come back to home immediately compose the song Cash for Recycled Bottles to wake Amei up.Before the vocal concert, Shi sends the song to Amei.Amy read the lyrics and recalls the screen how her father brings her up and begins to learn the song again and again.

In the vocal concert, Amei didn’t comply with the arrangement of the management company and sang the Cash for Recycled Bottles.Although enraged the management company, she firmly indicated her shame and confession about the past life and cried herself follow the wrong train in her life.

Tomorrow Will Be Better

Tomorrow Will Be Better is the most successful charity anthem in the history of modern Taiwan popular music. Tomorrow Will Be Better to gather more famous Taiwanese singers to chorus it.With the catchy melody, the song was very popular and the album had more than 250,000 copies sold in Hong Kong, Taiwan and become the model of Chinese charity anthem.

Root To A Leave by Mao Amin

Root To A Leave was composed by Gu Jianfen and wrote by Wang Jian in 1986 and first sang in Jin Weiling.Afterward, Mao Amin and Liu Huan sang it.The Chinese lyrics borrow the metaphor between the greenery and the root to depict the love that the a prodigal child who immediately leaves the hometown to the hometown.

The theme melody of this song is full of deep feeling to the flesh and blood contact between the prodigal child and the hometown.It was the best successful song in composing practice in 1980s.

Only You In My Mind by Teresa Teng

Only You In My Mind are a song that can penetrate the power and space which can warm and touch your heart.The song conquers all of the people who have listened to this song by the intoxicating tenderness.With the times past, the memory still has the sweet face and perfect voice.Teresa Teng said that it’s the most beloved song in her life.

In fact, this song is also the declaration that Teresa Teng prepare to quit the song circles and to be herself.But she showed her idea was subtle and didn’t catch enough attention. In fact, the “you” in the song is not the “you” in love but is the fans of Teresa Teng.It was the charm of Teresa Teng that the simple love song had the different connotation but never cut down its charm of love.

Only You In My Mind are the well known song of Teresa Teng and were popular after releasing. This song put Teresa Teng at the peak of singing career of Teresa Teng and have the immortal position in Japan.After this song, Teresa Teng cut out her long hair which means the pure performance.Teresa Teng began to live the normal life after that.But this song still be covered by many singers.

I Want A Family by Meichen Pan

I Want A Family is wrote and composed by Meichen Pan.When Meichen Pan study outside, she had the experience that moved house 3 time in half years during the that time.She was very poor and eats instant noodles to stay in the rented house.

According to her personal experience and personal inspiration, she wrote this song which shows the eager for home from the angle of the person who lacks of the family warmth.

I Want A Family is the representative of Chinese song of home style.Because of the beautiful melody and the blunt lyrics then catch much attention from the public.Meichen Pan used the her special voice to sing affectionately this song that sings the eager for love.

I Want A Family accompanied one generation to walk the young time and also move the prodigal children.This song has the peak communication to reflect the social phenomenon and sing the aspirations of the person who leaves their country of origin.

A Game A Dream by Dave Wang

When Dave Wang had nothing at all, his first wife was most willing to put herself to him.They ignored the opposition of his family and hold the simple and crude wedding under the platform bridge.Afterwards Dave joined the army and entrusts tentatively his wife to his mother.

But when he came back,he found that his wife had left after giving birth to his daughter.Afterwards he knew that his wife was forced to leave by his mother and they never see each other after that.With the irretrievable guilty, Dave wrote the song A Game A Dream to commemorate this thing.

Maybe In Winter by Chyi Chin

Chyi Chin wrote this song for Joey Wong because they were lovers at that time.They had less connection to each other because of their work and must live in different places.The missing emotion gives Chyi Chin the inspiration to write this song.He only spent 15 minutes to write it for Joey Wong.But unfortunately they were departing because of some reason.

My Future is Not Just A Dream by Tom Zhang

The people didn’t like to depend on their parents to enjoy life but want to get the true value that made it to Taiwan in 1970s.The authors created the song according to this background.They made a model that an untiringly struggle a new man.Although he sometimes hesitates, but has the great hope to the future, then he has a serious life and doesn’t waste any time.

This is an easy karaoke Chinese song for you and you can learn about how to sing it only speak Chinese.

Like Wakening From A Dream

Like Wakening From A Dream is wrote and composed by Jonathan Lee and sang by Sarah Chen.It also is the main song in the personal album Tell You And Hear You Say which was the first one has sold millions of albums in Taiwan music of Sarah Chen.

It is the song that points the key female feelings that even they know the love would harm themselves they still put much love in it.If you know everything before, the world would have the less failed love.Unfortunately,this world is full of pity and contradiction.

I Really Love You by Beyond

I Really Love You are wrote by Sui Mei and composed Wong Ka Kui and sang in the Chinese band Beyond.It’s recorded in the Cantonese albums Beyond IV in 1989.This song eulogized the great maternal love.The lyrics of this song include the gratitude of mother love and the benediction to mother.

When the band Beyond was just set up, Wong Ka Kui was very poor.In the band, he didn’t have the money to hold vocal concert.In daily life, his family didn’t hope him to develop the musical direction.

At that time, only his mother silently support him and furtively gives him a sum of money to support to hold vocal concert.Wong Ka Kui feel was very grateful and composed the I Really Love You to gratitude the kindness that his mother gave him.

The songs of 1990 to 2000

Special Love For Special You by Sky Wu

Special Love For Special You are wrote and composed by Sky Wu.One times Sky Wu went abroad and wanted to composite with his first girlfriend and fled very depressed.But when he fled from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Sky Wu just purely misses his fans and hoped to write a song to give them a gift.So Sky Wu took the depressed sad,and longed for sunshine feeling to compose this song.

Laughter In The Sea by Wong Jim

Wong Jim and film director Tsui Hark are the great friends. The many theme songs of many films of Tsui Hark were written and composed by Wong Jim.In 1950, he was requested to write the theme song for the movie Swordsman but Tsui Hark was unsatisfied with it even Wong Jim had written the sixth version.

When he was helpless, he incidentally read ancient Chinese book Music book and see a sentence that the great music is easy”.Then he thought that the “easy ” is the Chinese tone scale.Afterwards he put them into the song and practises it in the piano.It sounds great and then wrote all of this song according to the melody.

In fact,Chinese music not only has above great Chinese songs but also have many others.We will introduce others in the future for you.Just keep paying more attention to our website.

If you want to download Chinese music,you can find this way.

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