The Great Chinese Pop Song The Ice-Snow Dream By Hei Yu

The Great Chinese Pop Song The Ice-Snow Dream By Hei Yu

Everyone must remember that in 2008, when the Olympic Games were held in our own home, Beijing, the excitement of the nation is still encouraging and inspiring even now. After all, this kind of glory from home to the world sports arena doesn’t happen very often.

It is just a few hundred kilometers away from Beijing to Zhangjiakou. And the scene for fourteen years will be enough to excite people again from the 2008 Summer Olympics, then to the 2022 Winter Olympics. Especially those who were born in Zhangjiakou in Hebei, they will have more glory than others.

Hei Yu, a singer-songwriter, from Zhangjiakou in Hebei has completely felt the excitement and responsibility for holding the 2022 Winter Olympics on his doorstep. He created a Chinese pop song"The Ice-Snow Dream" with his talent and sense of mission.

Although the "The Ice-Snow Dream" is born to carry more musical mission, to celebrate, pull for and disseminate Zhangjiakou, also to prove to the world that the 2022 Olympic Games will be successful, Hei Yu doesn’t create the Chinese popular song in the highbrow direction.

You won’t hear any obscure words and sentences. Instead, it’s sung for the upcoming national event in 2022 with a very light, active and high spirited attitude.Although in the future it will be more popular Chinese songs, it is the first song about this topic.

The music style of "The Ice-Snow Dream" commands the whole song with a stylish electronic beat. This style of music is "global". No matter which country the listeners come from, he will swing his body with the enthusiastic rhythm. Chinese element is necessary for the song about Chinese sports event.

It has folk chant slogans in the front, middle and behind of the song, making our blood boil. At the end of the song, when the sound of Suona sounds, the Chinese style taste is better than ever.

The Chinese pop song“The Ice-Snow Dream" has a gracious style, and bighearted lyrics which are easy to understand. "My house is at the foot of the Great Wall/ A river runs through the city/ A red apricot tinted the sky/ The grassland on the dam is as beautiful as a picture”.

The true to life images become vivid in the singing of Hei Yu. Also, the singing is not limited to the "dream" level. We will see that "the Ice and snow dream" will come true in 2022.

Hei Yu sings the song “The Ice-Snow Dream" a sense of pride and glory for holding the sporting events on his doorstep, and the listeners will easily get into such a joy when listening to this cheerful Chinese pop  song.

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