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The Great Chinese Nursery Songs Tell You Something Interesting About Chinese Children

Nursery songs accompany us to rise when we were kids. Although we seldom listened to these nursery songs after we grew up, we can’t help to memorize because of the familiar rhythm of the song. Today, we want to share 3 Chinese nursery songs with you, which are extremely popular and hot among Chinese children.By reading this article, we believe that you can know more cultures of Chinese music and the stories behind the songs.

Nie Er’s Name And His Works “The Song Of Selling Newspaper”

Do you remember those Chinese nursery songs? What do you remember when you heard the nursery rhyme?  I guess that you can’t familiar with the song “selling newspaper song” sang by the famous singer Nie Er. Today we will share you this song and the origin of it.

In fact, Nie ER's name is not called Nie er, but called Nie Shouxin. So where is the name of Nie er from? Here's another interesting story. Nie er is naturally very good at hearing, which can also be said to be a musician's talent. Not only does he have a talent for music, but he has the ability to perform, to imitate the voices and expressions of various people.

Once in the Moon Song and dance party, he not only performs dance, also imitate the sound of various people speech. There is a more wonderful program that is the performance of two years respectively one after another, which is quite difficult for the ordinary people to do. He managed to do it and he made everyone laugh finally. From then on he was called in the song and dance troupe and was recognized as "Mr. Ears". His good hearing is one of the reasons for this nickname.

At the time, he felt that his nickname was very humorous, simply renamed as "Nie er", and in his own notes noted the "ears, ears, ears, ears." his name was composed of these four words, after that Nie Er became a habit, people forgot  his formerly Nie Shouxin on the contrary.

In the creation, Nie er pay more attention to life experience and feelings. " The song selling newspaper " that everyone can sing easily is enough to prove this point. When it was a night in the autumn of 1933, he asked his friend Zhou Boshun to go for a walk, and he said to his friend. "This road has a little girl selling newspaper, the name of selling timekeeping is very beautiful.” he wants to let Zhou Boshun also listen to. When they reached the mouth of Lu Ban (now Shanghai's Chongqing South Road), they saw a little girl walking around, hastily selling the evening paper, and her voice was crisp, loud and orderly, peddling registrations and prices.

Nie er went to buy several newspapers, and chatted with her. Nie Er knew that her father is sick and her family life is difficult and hard. On the way home, Nie Er said heavily: "Very want to write out selling– newspaper children's miserable life. I decide to please Tian Han or An E to write words for the song."

After a few days, An E wrote the word well. Nie Er found the little girl and read the lyrics to her, then asked her if there is not any suitable place.  The little girl thought for a moment and said: "is very good, but if you can write it in the inside that how many newspapers can purchase in coins, I can sing while selling." Nie er went back immediately and made a consultation with An E.

Finally in the lyrics added "Seven coins can buy two newspaper" sentence. Then the little girl was really singing and selling, and her singing made her business better. Now Nie er has died, but the little girl is still alive who has become a white-haired old man. People can’t escape from dying, but Nie er's "selling newspaper song" will last forever.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    wǒ shì  mài bào de xiǎo háng jia

Chinese:我  是    卖  报   的  小   行   家 

 English: I'm a little expert at selling newspapers.

The “我是” means  “I am”. The “卖报的” means “at selling newspapers ”. The “小行家” means “a little expert”.

Watch "McDull Rice" Before, First A Bowl Of "Soul Pig Soup"

Hoping that the passages on our website not only can entertain you when you are tired or board but also can help you learn English well. Next,we would like to introduce you another Chinese nursery song which will make you bury you on the childhood memories.

Music has become the film's most important supporting art, from the theme song to the episode of the soundtrack. Music plays a more and more important role in the film industry.  It is not only the simple auditory rendering, but also develops to the spread of the film and other functions, and even creates the new media like the derivative of the film to promote.

A good song of film to promote is not just a simple yell and sell ads.  After all, film market competition is so fierce and film layout is so tragic.  Film promotion song is endless.  Eventually for the purpose to get good effect of advertising, have to rely on the work itself. The simple and brutal way, of "quick look, come and see" sometimes has a counterproductive effect on film promotion.

And the recent "Soul Pig Soup" This song, is a successful example of the promotion song of the film. Regardless of the fact that the song does not say about the human feelings and poetry with pale words, what this song can play a role on is to maximize the attractiveness of people to the cinema to see "McDull". Because the song is interesting. Naturally it makes people feel that the film is very interesting. The so-called promotion, is such a generalization.

In fact, most people will not be unfamiliar with Mcdull, even if they may not have seen the cartoons and movies about him, they must have heard the name McDull, or on many occasions seen Mcdull this cartoon image. As a cartoon pig from Hong Kong, McDull has become the Chinese world's generation of cartoon idols, but also accompanied a lot of people from the young to rise.

Childish but not naive, he is inspirational but full of humor, in which the children find a sympathetic happiness and adults can also temporarily back to the world of childhood to wash  soul covered with real dust again.  McDull has become an idol for all ages.

Now, the McDull series has also come to the seventh part, the upcoming "McDull Rice Raiders". The film tells the story of McDull's transformation to be a saving- the Earth's superhero trying to complete his dream of "playing monsters" with all children. This is a typical fairy tale spiritual heritage.  In children's words, let the idea back, so that the future can also be full of ideals.

This time, "McDull Rice Raiders" first introduced the promotion song of the film,"Soul Pig Soup." The song is composed and orchestrated by the famous musicians Yao Yun. Although has been in the music for a decade, the creation of Yao Yun is not that kind of apathy mature, but keeps in line with the film's plot and theme, so that the part of the inner childlike in the heart fits in the way of rhythm and melody. Country music style is light and light rhythm, in addition to the work is full of lively and lovely childlike, but also it is different from the kind of texture of the simple nursery rhymes. On the basis of simplicity, it simplizes songs also appears rich level.

Although "the Soul Pig Soup" this song name appears the joking ingredient, actually this song has a kind of implication of anti "the Soul Chicken Soup" in therein.

So taking this name not only reposed, but also increased the sense of humour in the work. Because now too many people anesthesia in the so-called "chicken Soup", so a lot of lyrics in "soul pig soup" have a sense of awakening. It is not easy to awaken a sleeping person, but it is a good effect to awaken them in the way of comedy and humour.

Through the integration of the Mai Dou profound and interesting sentence, as well as many of the statement with the attitude and strength let the "Soul Pig soup" give a person the spirit that  speaking out the truth and restore the full blood of the Resurrection "hit the monster". This kind of state stimulation, exactly also should be suitable to the movie "McDull" the original theme, let fairy tales and reality transform through the music.  Fairy tale is no longer just meaningless or empty words.

There is a kind of unexpected feeling, but after listening to the song,  I believed that this is a most right choice that Let Pan Binlong deduce the "Soul Pig Soup" This song. As the students of performing artists, Feng Gong and Chang Li, both in appearance and intrinsic temperament, Pan Binlong has his own comedy Gene, but also is a quality artist across crosstalk and film in recent years.

And in the MV of the song "Soul Pig Soup", Pan Binlong, with a grassroots temperament and comedy talent, and McDull, fart monster performed in the same frame, which all people feel funny and very grounded gas. Laughter and tear are in the conversion, and therefore the song becomes more real and specific.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:     yào zuò yí  gè zhí miàn cǎn dàn rén shēng de yǒng shì

Chinese:  要  做  一  个 直   面     惨  淡    人   生    的   勇   士 

English: To be a warrior who faces a bleak life.

The “要做一个勇士” means  “To be a warrior”. The “直面惨淡人生的” means “who faces a bleak life”.

"The Stars Do Not Blink": The Great Energy Behind The Sound

If you read more and more essays on our website, you are not difficult to find that we have introduced lots of songs with diverse types. Now we continue to share an interesting theme of Chinese nursery songs with you.

With the rapid development of the economy, the background of the Times has made the culture changing rapidly, and the entertainment industry is destined to be a trend, and the first one brought by the tidal wave is often a touch on the visual senses and the impact of hearing.

Fine view on increasingly impetuous music in recent years, the musical work, paying attention to the melody and shocking people, seems to abound. As a result, a higher prevalence was brought and a lot of economic benefits were obtained. However, from the perspective of the lyrics, the content is mostly single and meaningless. There is a great market for this kind of song but no soul. Whenever seeing this kind of song were "widely circulated". People will have deep doubts and worries.

So, for the first time to hear the song "The Stars Don't Blink," My heart is full of joy. This is undoubtedly a melody, high sung song for the reason that the Unconscious hum will never deceive. More importantly, it is both thought and soul. The voice of the singer's gentle voice transmit the enormous energy.

If the drama is rare. "The stars Do not Blink" is a rare song of conscience. Pure sounds of nature, warm singing give the people the feeling of flying freely in the sky, the feeling is really long long-lost and always motivate a person in mind can't help to sketch out some the deepest soft pictures only in the heart, and then firmly forward. How a huge force it is!

Ping An, a singer with the fresh and warm face, chose the familiar and the audience favorite songs as the children’s public theme song. The voice is very different from the past, preferring the gentle singing instead of the iconic high-pitched sonorous. What magic thing is that the strength of the song delivery doesn’t decline but increase. The whole song tone is soft but there is no lack of vigor.

The perfect voice in the vast heaven and earth sings out the most pure and warm sound. As if a clear blue sky and white clouds are awakened by such clean and pure music.

"Starry stars do not blink, as long as you in my side," The natural voice of the Tibetan children opened the whole song with full of vigor and purity. Then, Ping An brings his broad range of voice on the roof of the world.His voice and the nature embraced mutually. A constant energy is left in the child's heart. Like the pictures in the MV, the guitar will put the music notes on the plateau grass. Only to do pure music can bring to the children endless power. Ping An did it well.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   xīng  xing bù zhá yǎn

Chinese:  星    星   不   眨  眼 

English: Stars don't blink.

The “星星”means “stars”. The “不” means “don’t”. The “眨眼”means “blink”

After the introduction of three famous Chinese nursery songs, I wonder if you have been awakened many childhood memories. If you want to find more great Chinese songs and learn Chinese please follow us and we will provide more great things for you.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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