The Great Chinese Folk Song Lyrics People In My Heart By Meng Huiyuan

The Great Chinese Folk Song Lyrics People In My Heart By Meng Huiyuan

As one of the most moving forms of Chinese music, the biggest characteristic of folk songs lies in its simplicity and sincerity. The inner emotional touch of the creator, naturally evolved into the melody and Chinese folk song lyrics.

Without any modification, it becomes a song, simply and unaffectedly. Compared with complex arrangement considerations and innovative creative attitude, the folk songs can complete the emotional output only through the simplest instrument such as guitar.

It naturally makes it easier for the audience to decode emotion through the ear, and bring out resonance.

From My Old Classmate decades ago to Miss Dong and Nan Shan Nan years ago, and then to Chengdu this year, these outstanding works of folk songs all have simple and inornate characteristics above.

Recently, the song "People In My Heart" which is sung by Meng Huiyuan, has reflected this feature to the extreme. This song casts aside the usual form of song creation and there is only one passage repeating throughout the whole song.

The verse is the chorus, and the chorus is also the verse. One section structure runs throughout, lets the song form completely become casual for emotional expression, and makes people more focused on emotions of the song.

The Chinese folk song lyrics are simple and straightforward: I put the person in my heart in the clouds/ May be too heavy / The rain was coming down / Nourish the land in my heart; Put in the evening / May be the warm / Sprinkle the light from the clouds / Miss you every time; Put in the wind/ Brush softly / Smell your breath / Like gaining good words; Put in the heart/ Took roots /Only in the heart". Such a simple analogy.

It starts from the cloud, wind and sunset and ultimately falls in the heart. It combines thoughts on nature with the people in the mind, simply and flexibly. It is as same as the song “I want you" created by Lao Lang. The two are similar.

Meng Huiyuan also strives to be simple and sincere in singing, and there is no trace of too much skill. Her first two songs “People" and "Whether or not to surrender" are popular works located in the love in the city. Although the two works are composed by Lala Hsu and Zhang Jianjunwei.

In fact, the song People In My Heart created by herself is more touching. It can be seen that folk songs are more in line with her personal characteristics as a singer-songwriter. Meng Huiyuan may find a more natural direction through this Chinese folk song lyrics.

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