The Great Chinese Christmas Song In Chinese Music

The Great Chinese Christmas Song In Chinese Music

At the end of the year, when you can hear the Christmas song everywhere, it’s time for people to celebrate the Christmas day. People can not wait until the arrival of December 25th, and they began to use Christmas songs to heighten the festive atmosphere a few weeks ago. Wherever you go, you can hear Christmas songs of different tunes and content almost everywhere. Although Christmas is a western festival, more and more Chinese people celebrate it. Chinese songs about Christmas are not less than foreign ones. In the Christmas Day, we can listen to the songs and receive gifts. It’s so cheerful. Here we introduce you some Chinese Christmas songs:

Lonely Christmas

Lonely Christmas is a classic song sung by Eason Chan, a Hong Kong famous male singer and actor, considered by many people to be one of the icons in the new era of Hong Kong pop music. Eason Chan has received several awards and nominations in a number of Asia Pacific region, including the "Chizha male singer award”, “Chizha music my favorite male singer award", "ten songs of the most popular male singer award of the Top Ten Songs Award "and so on in the Hong Kong area.

This song is one of the episodes of the film "often in my heart" and was included in Eason 4 A Change & Hits.

Christmas is Coming

This song is composed by Guan Dazhou and the lyrics are written by Lan Xiaoxie and Li Anxiu. Singer Richie Jen personally participated in the creation of the lyrics. It’s arranged by Adam Lee. Richie Jen sings everyone's expectations of this lively holiday from the bottom of his heart in this snow-capped season.

The song continues Richie’s lyrical style, and its Rhythm is cheerful. Richie sends this song to people who chase the dream and the true love.

The lyrics are cheerful. In the song, Richie acts as a single man who was just lovelorn. Before the Christmas comes, he was looking forward to his love with the arrival of Christmas. In the "Christmas is coming" MV, Richie was looking for his own happiness in the streets full of Christmas atmosphere , and he hopes that all the friends can be together with the lover in the Christmas Day.

Miss Christmas

This song belongs to the album "Leading track of love”. It was issued on August 1, 2002. It’s sung by Elva Hsiao, a Chinese pop singer who was from Taoyuan City, Taiwan Province. Elva’s voice is faced with tension and softness. In the light of the melody, the song is accompanied by sweet memories. It will give you comfort on a cold winter day.

After introducing those Chinese Christmas song in Chinese music,we recommend you to find more western music which  spred into China.we have many articles about this topic,you can search them in our website.

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