The Great Chinese Children Songs In Chinese Music

The Great Chinese Children Songs In Chinese Music

Chinese children songs mostly come from the nursery rhyme. Their main characters include: simple content, pure thinking behind and readability. Since the target group is children between 5-15 years old, these songs often sing of the beautiful nature, the dynamic young life, the valuable family relationship and the cute animals.

Meanwhile, they have an additional function of training the children to pronounce correctly, so it’s often the case to find the same rhyme repeated in one song.

1.Mon is the best

This song fully expresses the love to the mother. It occurs in two important families of ethic films “Mon, love me once again” and “Sans family”. It was created in the year of 1958, which describe the happiness of a baby with mothers’ care of the contrast of the pathetic baby who doesn’t have the chance to enjoy the mothers’ care.

It encourages the mother to share their love to their children, and the children in return cherish the love they gain. This song touches several generation, and many audience of the film are moved to tears, when they hear this melody.

 2.Let's Paddle Together

This song came into shape in 1955 as the theme song of the film “Flowers of the motherland” (the first children film after the grounding of new china). This song praises the young pioneers of Chinese who enjoy a positive spiritual attitude and live energy.

They serve as the hope and the main force of the motherland in the future. Young dynamic girls and boys are paddling in the lake, while singing this cheerful song. Nowadays, it’s widely sung in the primary schools, especially in the big children events. This song is representative for its positive optimistic attitude.

3.A Girl Picking Up Mushrooms

It’s a classical children song composed by the famous female composer Mrs. GU Jianfen. She said, it’s created almost by reciting the words, so it’s very close to the reading itself. This song describes a small girl picking up mushrooms in a wild silent forest after rain.

The squirrels jump on the trees, while the rabbits accompany with her. By singing, you can easily image a warm picture. This song is featured by its brisk pace and cheerful melodies, thus it always serves as a musical background of the children activities, especially when the girls are dancing.

4.Flying Worm

This song is an episode of the film “Storm Riders” in 1998. It describes the love story between a young couple, when they miss their beautiful memory of watching the glowworm in the night together. It repeat the same melodies many times and has two versions, sung by the adults and children separately. In this song, you can feel the sincere love, but also the melancholy and loneliness when the lovers are separated.

The melody of this song is soft and elegant, which can be easily connected with an aesthetic image. The version played by child’s voice is more popular as a background music in many occasions.

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