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The Great Chinese Buddha Songs List

Chinese Buddha music is the music and songs are often used during the religious ceremonies in the temples, which are mostly broadcasting among the followers of Buddhism. This kind of music has a main function of nourishing the souls and praising the Buddha, which lead the devout men and women to strengthen their faith.

For the moment time, however, these songs are also displayed by many famous singers, who want to spread good thoughts and be loved by many audience who are looking forward to acquire the inner peace, they also serve sometimes as the background music in some spa clubs and yoga exercise rooms.

The Chinese songs can be traced back into the city DON’E of Shandong Province in the three kingdom period, when the regional king CAO Zhi tour through the Mountain Yu and composed the prince ode as the firsgs and in 2008, the Buddha music is approved by the national state council as one of the non-material cultural ht Buddha song in china. In the history , we call CAO Zhi as the founder of Chinese Buddha soneritage.

Thoes songs usually have some difficult content, whose words come from the  sacred scripture of the Buddhists (Sanskrit in many cases). Normal people can not fully understand the meaning of them but however still enjoy the peaceful and elegant melody.

Following we would like to introduce three representative Chinese Buddha songs:

1.Great Compassion Mantra

This Buddha song originated from the Buddhism scripture of Thousands of hands and eyes of Mendicant Priest, which expresses her spirit that all efforts should be made to enable the pleasure of all living creatures, this kind action is like the infinite ocean and will be beneficial forever. Normal people should find a way out, when they encounter obstacles and spiritual sadness, many famous Chinese female singer, such as Faye Wang and Chyi Yu have performed that.

2.Amituofo Chant

Literally, it means collecting the 10 kinds of minds. A means  Buddha of Three Periods from all realms, while Mi means all are buddhas, and tuo means eighty thousands of saint religions. Generally speaking, it persuades the believers to submit to the Buddha devoutly.

In China, this song was performed by a singer as Buddhism master LI Na, in which the phrase amituofo is often repeated. From the aspects of content, it argues the philosophy of the karmic retribution and advise the people to love others, the kindness can finally help everyone to overcome the hard time.

3.Sutra Hrdaya Prajna Paramita

We also simply call it Heart Sutra. It ‘s an epitome of the series work of the sutra of the heart of Prajna with simple and easy words but complicated and abundant content. It’s an extensive classical work and serves as the daily read Buddha texts in the Mahayana

Faye Wang and Julian Cheung performed this song in the duet form. It emphasizes the philosophy of no-selfness, being flexible and throws off the stiff knowledge. One can only achieve the true peacefulness, when the five skandhas are fully empty. This song is intangible and is closely connected with spiritualism.

In fact,Chinese Buddha Songs is seems like those  chinese christian songs. All of them are those songs that originate from the religion.One of them is from Buddism and other is from Christian.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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