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The Great Chinese Birthday Songs Help You Celebrating Birthday In Chinese Style

There are many Chinese birthday songs, such as Song Zuying's "Beautiful Mood" “Blessings like the East China Sea”, Zhang Yan's"Many Happy Events"," Happy wedding"," Liu Hegang’s"Have A Joyous Gathering.”and so on.These songs are blessed with some deep wishes or wishes.Today we are going to meet three famous Chinese birthday songs to meet the chinese how to put their wishes and wishes.

“Blessings Like The East China Sea”,A Phrase With A Double Meaning Offer Blessings

“Blessings like the East China Sea”is Che Xing, who writes the lyrics, and Li Xin, who edits the music, together creat of Donghai crystal Festival, which is sang on the East China Sea Crystal festival in 2007 by Song Zuying.“Blessings like the East China Sea”is a phrase with a double meaning,which is not only meant blessings are as big as the East China Sea. But also means the festival can bring blessing people.The song is cheerful and graceful, catchy.The lyrics express the warm welcome of the East China Sea Crystal festival to the friends from all over the world, and it also contains inherent blessing.

On the evening of October 28th, the ninth session of the East China Sea, Chinese crystal Festival Donghai County city built 50th anniversary large gala held in Donghai County sport center.Colorful fireworks blossomed.The magnificent sight of the fire brightens the night sky of the crystal.

At the opening ceremony, the stage features of a larger cubic crystal are distinct.Yin Xiumei, Jiang Tao. Alfa, A Duo and other performing stared passionate performance.Short essay "pursuit of dreams"、Male Solo "great determination and courage"、"Crystal Love"and other programs deduces the unique charm of "Crystal City".

Song Zuying's song to the east China sea, “Blessings like the East China Sea”, brought the party to the climax.Repeated lyrics–"Dear friends, come and come/Blessing like the East China Sea, come and come"implies people’s good wish that people use car fatal as the medium to let the world know the East China Sea and make the East China Sea go to the world with the crystal as the bridge."

At the same time, it contains profound blessing.The lyrics of "I have a crystal heart / the beautiful flowers in full bloom to bloom in my heart / give you a blessing you look forward to / invite love to jump waves for my feelings"shows the enthusiasm of the local people for welcoming the world.

Young Song Zuying showed no musical expression.She has a tender lamb shape,  timid honest obedient, gentle quiet, never meddlesome.But the latter misfortune branded deep imprint to Song Zuying immature heart,who was only12 years old.The suffering of life has not been worn away her innocence .Whether it is trouble or joy, Song Zuying love distraction and expression by singing.And since she found herself in the voice of the advantages, she diligently seeks division, diligent practiced and insisted on constantly which created her singing in the perfect.

In the eyes of Jin Tielin, Song Zuying was always that simple Miao girl.Song Zuying is quite low-key in the crowd,.If you do not deliberately seek her, it is almost difficult to locate.In the performance, she usually conceals in the corner; but on the stage, she really shines.

In addition, Song Zuying also sings the "Good Life". "Let Five blessings descend upon the house” “Let We Dance Together”and more Happy traditional Chinese music.Her sonorous voice is full of infectious,which Let those celebrating, blessing songs can more express their profound meaning.This is the success of “Blessings like the East China Sea”.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   wǒ yǒu yì kē shuǐ jīng de xīn

Chinese:  我 有  一 颗   水   晶   的 心 

English:I have a crystal heart

The “我” means “I”. The “有” means “have”. The “一 颗 ”means “a”.The “水 晶 的”means”crystal”.The “心”means“heart”.

“Happy Birthday To Me”–The Sentimental Of A Person's Birthday

When your birthday arrives, what kind of mood is it?What were you being done at that time?Even if you can't get the blessing of others, but at least, you just have to bless yourself. The song "“Happy Birthday To Me”, sang by Jay Chou and Landy Wen,perfectly to explain what kind of mood it was on his birthday.At the same time, or sad lyrics, or is there two unique vocals, attracted the majority of friends listen to sympathy, which lets this song popular at the time.

“Happy Birthday To Me” is sang by Landy Wen's and created by Jay Chou.Jay Chou and Landy Wen sang the song separately, and they sang the song together. This song is quite creative both in melody and composition.“Happy Birthday To Me” was the subject of Jay Chou's advertisement.He pulled the song out of the album "Ye Huimei".Landy Wen used introverted singing to interpret the loneliness and sadness of “Happy Birthday To Me”.

Following the “Blue Rain”, after two years of Landy Wen's new music album “Temperature Effect”, Jay Chou created  "“Happy Birthday To Me” and “Summer Wind” for her, which caused the summer of 2004 "temperature effect" pandemic!

The lyrics of“Happy Birthday To Me”says“I wanna thank you for what you give and what you take/Still loving you with a little hatred/And I need some time to be balanced/falling in love with bruise disillusionment and renascence/Happy Birthday to me”describes a girl decided to say goodbye to all the old memories of love and mood of bravely rebirth.

In the music video of Happy Birthday To Me”, Landy Wen show the difficulty of acting.First, she challenge the most difficult "crying drama", and then perform a fierce "kissing",laughing and crying in the music video of a new song “Happy Birthday To Me”,which let Landy Wen call is really "the test of acting"!Especially the "kissing" part, because there are a number of kissing lens, Landy Wen,who firstly performance kissing, pictured to eight hours of exciting kiss, let Landy Wen address: "is really unforgettable screen first kiss experience.".

And because of kissing for eight hours, such a fierce kiss makes Landy Wen’ all around lips peeling in the next day,which is painful when make up.Let Landy Wen fear to say: "the next do not dare."!

Landy Wen was like a burning hot,melting everyone with body shake and her special voice.She is too much of a nature and too many possibilities may be her next step.She carries too many people's expectations, and too many expectations of her own.So, from the host state to the rapid cooling, let people wait for 2 years.And finally, she and her team lived up to everybody's wait.

“Happy Birthday To Me”and “The Summer Wind”and so on had been launched and won the praise of the vast number of users.From her unique and infectious voice,from the lyrics that describe the ordinary mood of most people when they come to their birthday,the listeners feel the loneliness and desolation of a person's birthday.

But there are still netizens can sigh with emotion–“Grow up year by year. Eventually will be a different year by year.Even if you are an individual, sad after, you still have to revive to meet a new day.”As the lyric says“To change the pice of memory like change the song/Don't let your tears flow through The midnight”.

A person's growth may be lonely, lonely. But after closing the door and locking the wound silently, you still have to open the door and stand up and face it.You have yet to say“Happy Birthday To Me”.Isn't it?

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    hái  ài nǐ dài  yì diǎn hèn

Chinese:  还  爱 你 带  一 点   恨

English:Still loving you with a little hatred

The “还” means “Still”. The “爱” means “loving”. The “你 ”means “you”.The “带”means”with”.The “ 一 点”means“a little”.The “恨”means “hatred”.

After two shares of different Chinese birthday songs, do you have a different feeling? Chinese characters are so extensive and profound that can deduce different mood with different sound lines and different tunes.Next, I'm going to introduce a birthday song, which is a song of life.I just wonder if it can also bring you a life experience.

“Happy Birthday”,The Emotion Of Life

When we were thirty years old, we felt sad that the time of twenty years old is no longer coming back.When we are fifty years of age, we miss the thirtieth birthday and how wonderful it is.When we were ninety-nine years old, thinking of this life which has come through, we would be happy like a thief,never caught.Have faith in life and time.Time will dilute all pain.

Young children just want to grow up, young people want to grow beards, middle-aged people dye hair, the elderly most do not remember to age.Birth is the clearest travel. Isn't death another starting point?Growth is a type of metamorphosis.The loss of the old, necessarily brings the new again.That is fair.The son and the old, in the realm of the mind, are much more honest than others.Because they are alike. The beauty of years Is the inevitable passage of time.

“Happy Birthday” is not as cheerful as a song name, just as the older the less like the birthday. The story is about the thirteenth birthday of the lost train.The lost train was a four people bands, founded in 2004, and the leading singer from Heilongjiang, so the band's music is as deep as the vast expanse of black land in the northeast.

The band has played a low-key style, trying different styles of music, but being good at folk songs.About the music style ,the lost train never considered this kind of problem but wants to more that what kind of feeling more suitable for songs.They think how comfortable, how to come.Music should not are limited to a certain style. Following consideration of the definition of the problem is in prison. Talented music should have more possibilities.

It is because of the sharp awareness of music that lead the birth of “ Happy Birthday”.The song with simple lyrics but permeates with the accumulation of years.Simple natural melody warms you and me,who wander in impetuous city.The lyric “while flowers are still bright / the world is as blue as melancholy/before it gets to night/ it still a little time left/I think I know / It is always  something miss that I can't avoid it/I know there is always regret in life”tells the life is simply and there will inevitably be defects and regrets.

With the clean simple chord and the leading singer with magnetic sound lines, the secret stories about growth and long journey, all on the axis of time, spreads in front of the eyes.

For a independent domestic band, with 23 songs into 12 years, the lost train isn’t the highest production of the group. But as long as you are in one of the nights, put on a headset, press the play button, and listen carefully to these songs, listening to what they are playing, what to write, what to sing, you will feel the melody in the long quiet, feel pure music texture in the quiet.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:  shì  jiè xiàng yōu  yù  yí yàng wèi lán

Chinese: 世  界  像      忧   郁 一   样   蔚  蓝

English:The world is as blue as melancholy

The “世 界” means “The world ”. The “像 … 一 样” means “be as…as…”. The “忧 郁 ”means “melancholy”.The “蔚 蓝”means “blue”.

This is Chinese birthday songs, not the same meanings in the songs. There are blessings for the festival, for example“Blessings like the East China Sea”, the sentimental of a person's birthday, for example“Happy Birthday To Me”, there are also a review of life's emotion when on, such as“Happy Birthday”,and so on.Only one song to taste, can taste the essence of the song.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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