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The Great China Music Mp3 Slow Me By Chinese Female Singer Xu Fei

Xu Fei said that she would release one album every Olympic Games.Her last album was issued in 2012.At that time, she has not loved the running and not began to run a marathon.But she also doesn’t stop her step to the music.Today we will like to share a great China music mp3 Slow Me (慢慢的我) from her.

She has finished 16 marathon games that are maybe the first one in the entertainment circle.We also think that she is a tornado girl because she will run faster and faster follow the tendency.But she gives us a big surprise that explains herself that she is a slow girl in her new album.

The bustling big city that has the full of high-rise buildings and heavy traffic on the street, bustling crowd.The straggler of the city,you and me, all of us feel the fast melody and the internet though, the eager traffic.

On the other hand,the wind chase actually is a self-arrest that the real truth is hiding in speeding up,and only have the rough content in life which apply colors to draw and give an extravagantly colourful description in the dream or goal but don’t put any light on the simple and crude at the moment.

Obviously it doesn’t have any texture and not the nature of life that Xu Fei want to find by running 1200km steps by step in the metropolis.If have run so lots of km and button so many times in the heart,but still understand what you want.It would be a shame.

Slow Me is a calm meaning of Xu Fei who is a straggler in the metropolis. The great China music mp3 show ’In the March, I sit under the eave/Using the black pen, writing to someone/I would like to write slowly, one stroke to the left and another to the right/The neat stroke/When write it wrong then used the eraser’. This Chinese song lyrics talk about the March of the June,the June to Stemember that just like a young person talk endlessly the boring thing what he wants to do.

The poet Dong Yufang who also wrote the lyric for her song Father's prose know her feeling.In the new album of Xu Fei, this year, we can see his shadow in this album.Dong describe the song Slow Me: In the way of truth. It has many things that are inversely proportional.For example, the fast is the slow,the high is the low. The depth is shallow.Maybe the evil exists in the bright and clean clouds and the god exists in the menial nonentities.

But Xu Fei as a straggle in the metropolis and said that the unhurried and carefree walk then help complete to fall in love at first sight with all over the world.

Just listening slowly this slow China music mp3.And,if you see a fluidized Xu Fei, please talk with her.Perhaps her unhurried appearance would make you want to change the boring remainder of your life.Remember you can get the great Chinese song mp3 free in our website,just enjoy it.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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