The Four Great Chinese Karaoke Songs in Chinese Song

The Four Great Chinese Karaoke Songs in Chinese Song

Chinese karaoke songs include almost all the popular songs from mainland china and the region of Taiwan and hongkong, as well as Singapore. These songs share the easy and beautiful melody as their common feature. Normal music lovers can sing them smoothly without much effort, because these songs originate either from the popular singers or famous films and is not so demanding for the pitch and tone. 

Everyone can have a try in the karaoke room and enjoy the happiness of playing music by themselves. They often gather some friends to sing together in the spare time.

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We introduce you several classical Chinese karaoke songs as follows (with their original singers):

1.Sweet Honey (DENG Lijun)

This song is a representative work of the most famous Chinese singer DENG Lijun. It’s awarded as one of the 10 classical songs after the reform and opening up in China in 2008. This song describes the sweet love between the young couples. It possesses a simple and repeated melody and became more famous after the performance by DENG Lijun, who enjoys a sweet appearance and voice herself. Many generations book this song in the karaoke room, which can be called as a permanent classic.

2.The Big Ocean (ZHANG Yusheng)

This song can be traced back in the fourth album of the Taiwan singer, ZHANG Yusheng. It’s praised as his representative song with the familiar melody. This song describes the lovers who left you with the big ocean as the background. The singer can send his or her strong missing to the lover through the waves in the ocean.

He hopes the infinite ocean to take away all the wounds, which the lovers brought to him. This song skillfully connects the past love with the scene of the ocean. It became popular for another reason, that the creator and original talent musician ZHANG Yushen lost his life during a traffic accident in 1997. All the people who sing that in the Karaoke room will also wake up their missing of this excellent singer.

3. Courage (LIANG Jingru)

This is a famous so called healing love song from the famous Taiwan female singer Liang Jingru. It won the first prize in the competition of the popular classical songs, voted by the numerous online audiences. Originally, it’s a love song encouraging the shy people who fall in love others but don’t dare to express their love clearly.

The main topic is, The successful love requires the courage. Later, it finds application in more occasions to encourage the young people to set up confidence in study and career. It became one of favorable songs in Karaoke, and many young students love it to a large degree.  

4.Conquering  (NA Ying)

This song is originally performed by one of the most influential female singer in mainland china, NA Ying. It’s characterized by passionate melody and clearly expresses out the conquering love one can feel. It describes love as a poison, who can hardly find a remedy, as an abyss, who can hardly climb up.

The lovers have no roads back behind him, even when the love fails. This song matches the mood of the young people, who wandering in love or lost their love recently. It is usually sung in the Karaoke room, not only because of its familiar melody, but also the classical lyrics.

After enjogying the four Chinese karaoke songs,do you have any special feeling in your mind.If you have, just tells us what you think.You can find the download way to find the great music for you device.

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