The FLOW of Khalil Fong & Leehom Wang: The Monkey King in the EDM

The FLOW of Khalil Fong & Leehom Wang: The Monkey King in the EDM

One of them born in the Hawaii, the other born in Rochester.Both of them have the blood from China and came back to Main China that shows their musical talent as a musician.Nowdays, they attacked together and use the same understanding between China and the West.

One is Khalil Fong. The other is Leehom Wang.They work cooperatively together to compose a Chinese song which name is the FLOW.

The song name of FLOW that is also a music terminology specially in the Chinese Hip-Hop music.The FLOW points that the personal characteristic of the Hip-Hop singer when they contact the lyrics and the music.This characteristic may can a music style or an inimitable symbol, even the logo of the singer.

The style is not only say or just want to have a symbol.What the meaning of the Flow has?For example, if you give the same song to hundreds of singers to sing, then hundreds singers have many styles to show this song.That is well called the Flow.

Of cause they are neither flow.They indicate the flow in the Flow will be a biggest proposition.It not only is the subjective flow but also the flow after integration of Chinese and Western.

To Khalil Fong, Flow is the part of the new node.The new node includes that Monkey King.Listen and Nothing etc.All of the new node will be shown in the Journey To the West.

The Flow shows the rhythm of Chinese rap song.And we can find that Khalil Fong have more improvement in the awareness of Chinese music.The musician needs the change and keeps their musical life.This is why he keeps finding the G point in his musical creation.

Although the rhythm of the Flow is EDM, its inside rhythm still has difficulties with the Ameriacan EDM.Although the song doesn’t use most of the traditional Chinese instrument.It uses the Cymbal instrument to find the suitable rhythm point and add the meaning of a Chinese folk song.

After half of the Flow, the song begins to blend in the true eastern rhythm.It makes most of us remind the scene and full of the Chinese musical feeling.

Leehom Wang also helps to add more great thing to this song.It is free mandarin lessons to tell some musicians to contact the Chinese music with other country music.

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