The Fifteen Years of Twins:Time Didn’t Change,We Would not Dissolve

Chinese musical group

In difficult time of Chinese record market, the Chinese musical group is less than before that can absorb persons who come from every ethnic group.Maybe we can say that the present market is crushed,because we still can find some great music group from the mixed Chinese music. You can find more Chinese song free download mp3 in our website.

But there is a musical group still exist even if we grow up and forget most of our friends.The Chinese musical group is Twins which have Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi.

The group has kept the influence of the people even if fifteen years past.When a singer suddenly has a new record,we scared that our memory still stays at the old song of the singer.Just like the original song can’t surpass and don’t have the familiar feeling.Then discarding the additional Chinese song to garbage.Specially the musical group that has come out over 15 years, we have more fear to hear the new song from them and to break the old great feeling.But the new song from the Twins gives us a new feeling about the young time.

To Twins,we always inevitably think their old song,like the Boy in the Girls’ schools that was a popular song in 2001,the Love is Greater than days which heat more peoples’ heart,the Next Days After that the fans would sing together in the vocal concert.All of those get the consciousness of the times in Chinese musical history.

Why they are popular in China? The main reason is that they have warmth direct sound ray which helps them accepted by the fans.The relaxed and profound transmission method also absorbs the fans to hear it.In China,when people hear their group name, they would think all of their song are great.

The group has a different song Don’t Love Life that composed by Wyman and Lecheng Wu this year.If you don’t familiar with Twins,you will find it is a song that can help you release yourself.There are some Chinese lyrics:Still cheer for you/When you choose her/That make me cry/Thinking that I was the saddest person in the world/When meets your both/Then found that it would be a sad thing whether you or me to win.The song shows us that we must learn to heartache and persist.You can have this online Chinese song to see the video.

To the person who is familiar with Twins, maybe the group doesn’t have the young style.But the song of every year, it reacts that the growth of the group. The frivolous, the budding love acid, the brokenhearted of pain, and that the timidity of the society, and the singular growth; The sweet and sour bitterness.All of those accompany us to grow.

Twins use for 15 years to record their change,growth when they accompany us.When we think the past fifteen years, we can find that they use the youth to tell us that only change and growth can keep the beauty to keep.

The song is a Chinese colour song which uses Chinese to show their feeling about life.Of course, Twins have more Chinese songs karaoke.

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