The Fascinating Thing of Chinese Karaoke Songs

The Fascinating Thing of Chinese Karaoke Songs

Chinese music, literature history generally traced back to the yellow emperor era, according to archaeological discovery, Chinese music can be traced back to 7000-years ago, the Chinese nation for thousands of years of history, music created a rich culture. Chinese music has had a far-reaching influence on Chinese music of the surrounding areas.

At the same time with the tang dynasty urheen to modern western music, Chinese music is constantly developed in the process of absorbing foreign musical elements. Chinese music in personality, cultural life and national etiquette have a very import position and importance.

Today, Chinese national music is influenced by the western music, led the invasion of foreign music culture, so that we Chinese citizens have the responsibility to carry forward the national music, the stars and composer can play a leading role in order to try to change back our local music culture. So now we can sing a variety of the Chinese karaoke songs.

There is a saying that is very beautiful: Music is not just a kind of tone and rhyme, but when the listener to listen attentively, can truly enjoy the beautiful mood which comes from music.Only when they put their heart into music, experience and ponder the music thought, connotation and mood to truly feel the charm of intangible which come from the music.

Music is a major carrier of human cultural heritage, is precious cultural heritage and human wisdom crystallization. Music is an important carrier of human cultural heritage, is priceless cultural heritage and wisdom crystallization of human. Music is an enlightenment of intangible that is invisible and untouchable. It can urge people to make progress, can bring pleasure and sadness to people, can bring spiritual catharsis. It is like a gentle stream. Bring people endless warmth and comfort.

Music urges people to make advance. When you hear a national anthem called "MARCH OF THE VOLUNTEERS" which is so full of magnificent, full of solemn and full of passionate, stimulates Chinese patriotism spirit, represents a country's national spirit.

Do you feel the heroic and fighting spirit of that the Chinese people use the first and arms to fight the enemy in the war-ridden years? Do you feel that the loud voice still reminds the Chinese people to always have a sense of urgency and crisis in the year of peace building, Summons and unity the Millions of people that gathered together from all directions to forward together for the great achievement of national revival. The light of life is waving to you. Music, an invisible revelation is sprouting, it will urge people making progress, it will make people strong, it will make China's 5000-year history to show the most incisive.

Music is pleasant. When you hear the melody of Lam JJ's "THE UNDEAD" that sometimes fast, or sometimes dignified, or sometimes clear, or sometimes deep, do you feel fascinating artistic conception? When you hear a funny humorous lyrics, Wilber Pan's "MY MICROPHONE", do you feel the unique atmosphere of music? When you hear the rhythm that full of healthy and vigorous, with youth breath, Fahrenheit's "FEEL FOR YOU", Do you feel well-being that music occupies the soul. The music is broad and deep, rich and diverse, long and mysterious…It is difficult to describe all of that.

The music is sad. Do you hear the Jay Chou's "NOCTURNE" which was full of parting grief? Do you hear the Kenji Wu's "WRITE A POEM FOR YOU" which was so full of sad? Do you hear the Chen Chu sheng's "HAS ANYONE TOLD YOU" which was full of amorous? If you listen carefully, you will find that music is so sad, so disappointed will make the person feel the mind of short and comfortable.

Music can bring invisible enlightenment of spiritual washing to people. When the master Beethoven is faced with the threat of death, not decide to escape, but chose to face with life bravely. When he created some classic masterpieces such as "Moonlight Sonata", "Pour Elise","Storm Sonata",he overcomes the disease. This was destiny revelation which was given by the music.

When Zhang Jie is confronted with the setback, not choose to be discouraged and give up, but chose to face with life strongly. When he wrote some songs like as the tide surging, Such as" The most beautiful sun", "looking up at the starry sky", "disappear", He overcome the frustrations of life, this was his reward of his pursuit of music dream, this was also spiritual washing which was given by the music. You can find more popular Chinese karaoke songs have the same element.In fact,before we write a list about Chinese Christian Songs also have the same influence to people.

"Still Fantasy," has been on sale for more than a month. Actually should have their own feelings to write something. but don't know why that the more I think, the more I don not know how to express in words. Like Jay Chou, as always support Jay Chou, many times will do not know why, I really can't answer. Do not leave feelings about "still"?

It is pleasant to hear, not change too much. Jay Chou has not changed much for me, because I can listen to the jay's voice and see the jay's little mind. I don't need Jay Chou to change, don't need him chasing something that he's not good at. At someday afternoon with a haze of the sky, My good friend sent me a website which including all songs of the jay's new album.

Of course, I can't resist the temptation. Please forgive me, Jay. I just always want to taste in advance the achievements that you brought to us this year. However, I will also pay for it. When I go to listen to songs, my heart is inexplicable calm. Ask yourself why, still cannot answer. I download all songs to MP3 and turn off the computer, then listen quietly to the new album on the bed.

The sky suddenly begins to thunder. Do not consider that tears start to fall down without any signs. Jay Chou, only your song can make me get a good feeling. The favorite song is "The Heart Rain", although there are no lyrics, jay sing very clear. Basically I can understand all of it. I have heard that Jay's melody is a formula. Only your melody can make me cry. Most make me feel empty are "Listen to your mother" and "Thousands of miles away", I can see your heart, you wish your mother whom didn't like you to accept you for "listening to mother"? Also wish that those people who do understand you through "thousands of miles away" to like you.

Music has given us another world, as large as a world that whatever you want. There we can be put aside all the worries and troubles, happy growth. The music of the world is although misty, fill with passion, although simple, fill with the fragrance, although far away, fill with moving.

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