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The Collection of Andy Lau Songs List

Andy Lau, a well-known Chinese actor, singer, producer, business man and philanthropist who achieved great success in every field he devoted. Andy’s voice is mellow and full of sensibility. He is skilled in interpreting a lyric song, and now let’s have a glance at his songs.We prepare a Andy Lau songs list for you.

Every Chinese Lunar New Year, “Kung Hei Fat Choy” will resound through the avenues and alleys both home and abroad, its lively melody and jubilant lyrics add the festival atmosphere.

Love song owns a large portion of Andy’s songs list. “Love You For Ten Thousand Years” is one of the most familiar one, someone will propose to his lovely girl with the song.

“The Days We Spent Together,” a classic Cantonese song, sentimental lyrics and Andy’s soulful singing told us a love story which imprinted in mind for ever, the memory will be cherished in spite of the split, maybe it is the best ending for every separated couple.

“If You Are My Legend” was one of the few songs which Andy wrote the lyrics himself, as a rising star, Andy expressed his lovely vision of the song at the moment. 

“Forget Love Potion” was one of Andy’s magnum opus, his despairing singing described a lovelorn man who prefers to drink a potion in order to forget the sadness of the split, someone will shed tears by the song.

“Show your own style” was a self-motivation song with a sense of chivalrous spirit, we have to face ups and downs in the whole life, how to face and live through them? The song told you a positive attitude to everything.

It was said that Andy wrote the lyrics of “Sleet” in person as a souvenir for the end of a relationship, as we know, Andy is apt at singing sentimental love song, if you want to know Andy’s inward world, try to listen this love song.

If men should pretend to be strong all the time, “The Weeping Men Are Not guilty” gave the negative response. There was an old Chinese saying “Men do not shed tears easily,” men could release their pressure with tears by the song which achieves emotional resonance among men.

Speak of the selection ration in KTV, “Stupid Kid” must be included in the most popular song list without question, the song described a nobody’s growth process, he survive the difficulties and never give up, we don’t know what a distressed Andy experienced from a bit part to a superstar, it is not only Andy’s true portrayal of life but also all of us.

“Chinese People” was created to celebrate Hong Kong’s return to China in 1997, the song expressed the happiness of the Chinese descendant. No matter what happened, blood is thicker than water. We Chinese are a big family forever.

Andy Lau is an all-round idol in the Chinese world. He left many classic songs despite lots of people doubt his singing performance. He is on the top of entertainment more than 30 years because of his diligent and dedicated attitude. If the younger generation should learn from it?

After we introduce the Andy Lau Songs List,maybe you have began to want to find more Chinese song to listen.Our website provide more songs from China for you.

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