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The Chinese Song Online For The Moment In Chinese Music

Today we are going to share some Chinese song online with you. Online song is new form of music along with the generation of mp3, flash in the recent years. All kinds of online songs are spread over the Internet and can be accessed on the Internet. The threshold of online song is very low, all kinds of songs sung by netizens can be uploaded online, its openness, fashion, popularity and interactive, circulation and personalized features, which form the unique expressive form of music itself. Online music is equally a part of music, a product of The Times. The popularity and dissemination of it have a ununderestimated influence on the development of music.

The Memories Of Youth: Face Without Makeup By Vae Xu(素颜)

In early 2006, Vae Xu was a sophomore at Anhui Medical University. In his spare time, he began to compose and remix music, and then he began to create some music work. These musical work has been uploaded to the website by the pseudonym "Vae", which has attracted the attention of netizens.

Vae’s song, which full of the breath of the individual, is always strong,can be identified at a glance. And he just likes a neighbor boy. He is a rare gossip or eyeball forum, and is firmly in place in the work. His low profile in personal life has also been celebrated.

The single,Face Without Makeup, was released on August 18,2010. Vae choose he Manting, a new 90th girl from Huayi company, as his partner. It caused a lot of doubt and speculation from the fan. The newcomer He Manting, the 18-year-old young girl, was signed by the Huayi music, debut and published five pieces, try to create a song in March.

And she got a great deal of support from her senior brother Chen Chusheng and her sister Shang Wenjie, and a lot of fans hold a birthday party for them, which is enough to see her potential. Because the new song is called "face without makeup", it has triggered a serious discussion about whether she is "without makeup" and her singing power. Heated post discussion, once caused the server of Vae's official BBS to crash, because of excessive traffic.

Just two days after the launch of the original song "face without makeup", it went on to the top of the list with a rate of 3.7 million hits. This original song is the story of a man and a woman who graduated from college, after a breakup, his constant and her change. The two men's air-to-air is full of memories of the youth. "It's a quiet night, a man's chair in a rocking chair, and I admit it's really peaceful, like the old man downstairs." The first few lines of the lyrics outline such a picture. The melody of the song is catchy, its lyrics are composed of all the simple words, bit by bit to piece together. It’s a song that can bring you back to those never go back.

Of course, this song is not very abetting everyone not to makeup. Because some people, even throwing away all their toiletries, just can't get back to without makeup. It is fair to express an idea in a simple and understandable language. "In the years I missed, do not forget about it, because I can’t go back there.” the purity of those feelings, not only the face, including all of this time.In this song,he can make new things in his style, to "face without makeup" with a pretty small appearance, bright eyes small character. The lyrics "how pure is the pure in the sky" and the next sentence "the most real happiness and sorrow is buried in yesterday",the ending of a composition is correlated with its beginning.

For the storm caused by his new song, Vae said in his blog, for the purpose of the music is to enjoy music, I hope fans will pay more attention to the work itself and respect the efforts of the other artists at the same time, with open mind to see people and things. One of the focus of the discussion also responded: Thanks to the original song "face without makeup", which made more people know me. The original song "face without makeup" doesn't mean that you need to be a girl without makeup. As an artist, proper modeling and makeup are a kind of respect and responsibility for the audience. It also inspired me to keep working on my November album.

By the way, with Vae’s director, crisp and special singing style, many people are surprised and touched. His vintage flavor still has a strong Vae’s love song flavor. The sense of unhurt singing shows a sense of self and reason.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:     rú guǒ zài kàn nǐ  yì yǎn   shì fǒu hái huì yǒu gǎn jué   

Chinese:   如 果  再    看 你 一 眼     是  否   还  会   有  感  觉

English: If I look at you again, you'll feel something.

The “如果” means “if”. The“再” means “again”, The “看” means “look”. The “你” means “you”. The“是否” means “Whether or not”, The “还” means “still”. The “有” means “have”. The“感觉” means “feeling”.

Let Sing The Heart-broken Song,Wait A Minute By Xu Tengyu(等一分钟)

After heard the Chinese song online above, let us walk in the music world of Xu Tengyu through his magnum opus, wait a minute.

As far as I know, Xu graduated from sound music major of Nanjing Art Institute. In his early years, he worked as a program host in nanjing music channel, and later as a producer, he wrote many songs for Ren Xianqi and Huang Pinyuan. The song, wait a minute, was originally written for Huang Pinyuan, but Huang didn't sing.  In 2007, when "wait a minute" was inadvertently posted on the Internet, it ranked second in China Mobile's annual statistics for mobile radio. And then Xu is well known to the public. It is worth mentioning that the song was written, composing and making by Xu himself.

In fact, the song was based on his actual experience. The song tells a sad love story. The boy loved the girl very much, but suddenly, the boy said to the girl he had to move to America for further education. One day, the boy ran to the girl work studio with her favorite flower, but the moment when he opened the door he was shocked, the girl was standing naked in front of a man. The boy ran away with the misunderstanding, tried to avoid all this, but the girl caught up, she was begging him for a minute to explain.

The boy didn’t give her the chance which broke her heart. Soon after, the boy suddenly received a letter from the girl abroad. It says on the letter. "Yan, I'm gone, I'm leaving with my regret, and this is the money that I saved for you before you left the country, and it's not dirty. I love you.” The boy really regretted it, crying over the girl's picture. However, it was too late to save it.

Hearing "wait a minute" is in an unknown BBS, even an unintentional audition, the smooth melody, the magnetic male voice of the song, all give me a sense of deja vu. I quickly searched for memories of sad love songs in my head, but I realized that was just familiar with my own broken heart.

Xu's songs are mostly sad and heartache just like wait a minute, and each song is sung with a hint of sadness and sorrow. It seems every first love songs, there is a sad and beautiful love story, we listen to the words out between truth, immersion feeling the hero’s beauty and sadness.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:    kě néng nián shào de xīn  tài  róu ruǎn 

Chinese:  可  能     年    少   的  心   太   柔  软

English: Perhaps hearts of youth  are too soft.

The “可能” means “perhaps”. The“年少的” means “young”, The “心” means “the heart”. The “太” means “too”. The“柔软” means “soft”.

The Signature Work: The Snow By Joker Xue(认真的雪)

If the last one is so full of regret, then this song, the snow, expressed the brokenhearted but still in love with her. Compare with the last Chinese song online, I prefer to this one.

Beginning from the snow, soulful "Xue Shi love song" is Joker Xue’s constant signs and brand creation. It’s not only caters to the market, but it’s the type of love song that he is good at. These songs helped him accumulate popularity, and the name of the creative talent was followed.

To be honest, the tune of this song is difficult to reproduce, and the lyrics are not cheesy or ornate, but they are amazing and intriguing. His songs are always like a sad and hopeless love story, not three or four times, it’s hard to understand.

The snow is part of the representative works of Xue's love song. In the style of Chinese R&B music, this song records a heavy snow that seems to be "serious" because of the anticipation of "parting". The lyrics "love so serious, snow so deep, reflected in the snow of my scar" Express Xue’s attachment to love and the injury. Although Xue admits that the relationship is completed, each time it plays out, it is very intentional.

Ever since you chose to say no to me, I've learned that this relationship will be shackled and predictable. So I understand your frustration in your silence, and accept you, respect your choice, even if the feelings are no longer exist, even if no longer of affection, even feeling hurt no more, I will still do it , only in order to not be liquidated in the future. This is the feeling I is obtained from this song.

When you are a person wandering in a strange city in the middle of the night without a place to go, when you are desperate to retain the love can't change, when you're waiting for someone without respond, when you pay everything for one person without her, you will feel the express in this  song, chilling, heartache and tired.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

PinYin:   ài  shàng nǐ  wǒ  shī qù le zì  jǐ

Chinese: 爱   上    你  我  失  去 了 自 己

English: Falling in love with you ,I lost myself.

The “爱上” means “fell in love with sb”. The“你” means “you”, The “我” means “me”. The “失去” means “lost”. The“自己” means “myself”.

After reading this article, maybe you have known that the Chinese song online are great too, and I hope that you can enjoy it and have fun. If you want to find more great Chinese songs and learn Chinese please follow us and we will provide more great things for you.

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Jack Smith
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