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The Chinese Song List Tell You Those Most Different Chinese Songs In Past China

Unconsciously, November is coming soon. Let's review the new song released in October. We would like to share the most popular Chinese song list in October 2017. There are more than one hundred new songs were published in this month, and next, we'll introduce the top three songs of the song list.

The Lovely Song Of Girlfriends: Another Me In The World By Amber Kuo And A Si

If the words can also be sensed through the taste, the "best friend" must be soft and sweet, put in the mouth and can't wait to melt to be a part of you . Even a thousand miles away, the feeling is always in your body. The best friend is the one who comes to mind. It's like a little blue pill for healing when you're injured and lost, a lullaby in the late of languid night.

In this beautiful autumn, Amber Kuo ,the goddess of popularity, and A Si, the easy girl, are working together to create a brand-new single. The song was sweet launched, which is dedicated to the perfect girl friendship and the dearest you.

After admiring each other for a long time on the Internet, Amber Kuo and A Si finally walked into the studio with the box in reality. They are two totally different girls. One in Shanghai, writing song and playing music, one in Taipei, singing poetry; one is like the shade of a tree, free from the lush, one is like rain, light and transparent. The two acoustic threads are interwoven together, making it easy and clean to create a real understanding between the friends. Between the two of them, it's a girl's exclusive heart, like a thousand miles away from an imaginary connection.

Mentioned Amber Kuo, people always think of the clever girl with a short haircut,red lips,and the elegant and delicate makeup. Perhaps her screen image is so deep that she is the "cool queen" of the movie. But music was her original starting point. When her sweet and steady voice jumps in the ear, everything is just right. The girl, who dressed in blue and serenely singing "I Remeber," appeared again, like an elf who had no intention of falling into the world.

In 2007, she released five full-length studio albums with a highly recognized voice, making her one of the indispensable women in the Chinese pop music scene. Amber always has its own unique aesthetic taste for music. She was singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and also liked the all-purpose youth hostel. In this song, she has embraced music with a sincere heart again.

Now let’s look at A Si. We can always see our own shadow in the songs of A Si. Under the familiar voice, she strung up the light melody with the cute and soulful lyrics, capturing the ordinary and real emotions in life. Her singing likes a nifty kiss, kiss the soft heart without you noticing, and then lift the natural and reassuring waves in your heart. From "Fried chicken" to "idealism", from the "under performing" to the novice, to the professional singer-songwriter.

Like imagination, the creation is unbounded and the freer expression of the truth. That's the most important part of music. And this song, no doubt, is her role as a musician to break the boundaries of "independence" and "the fashion", and to make it work again after working with Yoga Lin.

The arranger of Another Me In The World is as lively as the rain, as if you're going to put all the girls' exclusive colored bubbles into your ears. They explained the exquisite friendship between girls with the song. In retrospect, such a dialogue about female friendship is also a long-lost one for the Chinese music industry. I suddenly remind of the "best friend in the KTV song list", which has been a long time didn't update. This song can be a part of my Chinese song list

This is the story of the girls, the tacit understanding of blue and bright pink,the common frequency of the two hearts of the wonderful friendship, more intimate than the relationship. I miss you so much today, my girl.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:   wǒ de shì jiè liú zhuǎn biàn huà nǐ  què méi shí chà

Chinese: 我  的 世  界  流    转     变   化  你  却    没  时  差

English: My world is changing, but you still here with me.

The “我的” means my. The ”世界” means “the world”, The “流转” means “turning”.

The “变化” means the change. The ”你” means “you”, The “却” means “but”.

The “没” means not. The ”时差” means “the jet lag”.

The Song Speaking Of Teenage Dream: The Blue Parachute By Charlie Chow

After hearing the sweet maiden chorus. Then I am going to introduce another song from the Chinese song list. Unlike the last one, this song, the Blue Parachute by Charlie Chow, is full of loneliness and melancholy.

To be honest. Charlie Chow is an amazing singer. His pure voice is more rare in nowadays’ industry. Now the singer always likes to show off their skill, such as his understated singing is so little, so I have no resistance to his voice.

The Blue Parachute was inspired by Gu Changwei's classic film, the peacock. In the movie, the elder sister, played by Zhang Jingchu, walks in the noisy street, dragging homemade blue parachute. This seemingly unremarkable clip actually is the colorful movement of the whole film. And it is also a burst of passion that the director has no longer repressed in this part of the work. The emotional and cinematic ambience of the "blue parachute" is also reflected in the film.

The song, composed by Gao Xiaosong and co-written with Yin Yue, was released as the first single to a new album. After three years of polishing, the album was created by Gao Xiaosong's "music high school team", which was made for Charlie. Each song on the album is a masterpiece.

Gao's initial impression of him is like a blue parachute, melancholy, lonely but light. Although there are a few twists and turns in the recording process, the sound of him is perfectly fitted to the song. It feels like a soft touch, which paints a kind of atmosphere that can be evocative.

The content and melody of the blue parachute are fused together with a very strong sense of painting, and the rhythm is slow and melodious. It has a powerful magnetic field that is fascinating, but doesn't sound like a strong transition or excessive. The opening melody is like a broken step, along the lines of lyrics and sounds, leading the audience to the dimension of the song. It’s like the dream under my pillow, the sadness in my bag.

They waited for me to germinate and wait for the fallen flowers. This aloneness can be beautiful in the music world. It's given a variety of colors. Although many people's life is bleak, and the mediocrity is long, but they always expect a moment like a blue parachute, the light will be shine, and it will be enough to illuminate their entire life.

To the Times, man is like a driftwood in the sea. Pfeiffer has said that despair is false and is the same as hope.May be that fate is blocked, but fortunately we still have a song. It is just like my blue parachute, so lonely in the sky. Floating in the sea of people, looking at me buried.

In addition, the song is also painstakingly composed, which has assembled the excellent team of China and the United States. Classical guitar and string dialogue sobbed, and the playing of the classical guitar solo was more impressive. Listen to Charlie Chow’s song is a kind of exquisite enjoyment, with his unique voice, clean and pure, let me immersed for a long time.In this song, the blue parachute also means the dream of a young age, the light and ethereal gliding through the clouds, eventually the human sea..This song shows you the charm of his music.

Starting from now on, Charlie Chow is willing to embrace the whole world with his music.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:    nà gè  qīng sè de nán hái , zài suì yuè lǐ  nà me gū dān

Chinese:  那 个    青  涩 的  男  孩,   在   岁  月 里  那  么 孤 单

English: The young boy was so lonely in his years.

The “那个” means that. The ”青涩的” means “young”, The “男孩” means “boy”.

The “在岁月里” means in the years . The ”那么” means “so”, The “孤单” means “loneliness”.

The Cover Version Of Shawn’s Posthumous Work: Life's A Struggle By Vava

Above two songs are popular music, let's listen to some different music in the following. In the third turn of the demon king challenge, in the RAP OF CHINA, Vava battles Su Xing,the big demon king, with a song "Life's a Struggle",and it caused a lot of controversy.

Speaking of the RAP OF CHINA, this is the first hip-hop music draft in China. At first, I went to see this program for MC Jin, the earliest Chinese rapper to be signed by a major U.S. record label. And then I was attracted by Vava, the only female rapper who stays on the stage until the end.

Start off with the original singer of the song Life’s a struggle. The flow, freestyle, lyrics, prosody, and orchestration of Shawn are very powerful.His creative attitude is genuine and sincere, conveying a love for life. In his song, it seems that everything in reality is sung so thoroughly and vividly.

Although the song "Life's a Struggle" was made by the old and broken recording equipment of Shawn, every line of lyrics still touched every audience. After the death of him, the award for best lyricist for the Taiwan Golden Melody was not a consolation prize, but for life from his music which can make people feel his love.

The song "Life's A Struggle" is a full display of this uninhibited musical genius with a life full of twists and challenges. One of the powerful things about the lyrics is that they don't use too much stuff. Every line of the lyrics has a very keen sense of painting that you can't breathe when you're listening. Throughout the song, it's hard to get some dirty words, even if swearing is restrained and clear. I can say nothing more, because every word is so powerful and helpless. It was a strange synthesis, and it was almost impossible for me to find this peculiar temperament in other people except him.

I'm grateful for Vava's performance, but compared with the original of the power of the true and cruel, there is still a gap. She changed the original deat, joined the piano, and makes it sounded a lot softer, and it also magnifies the female characteristics of Vava. She added a lot of new elements, and the whole beat adaptation I think was very successful, of course, it's just about the adaptation, because the original is good enough.

She rewrote the words with her own experience, expressing the feeling of walking through the mud, even on your knees, but still insists the pursuit of her dream which makes the scene bombed.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song

PinYin:    wǒ yǐ  jīng bù xiǎng zài qù huí yì

Chinese:  我 已   经  不   想     再 去 回 忆

English: I don't want to remember anymore.

The “我” means “me”. The ”已经” means “already”, The “不”means “no” .

The “想” means “want”. The “再” means “again”. The ”回忆” means “remember”.

After reading this article, maybe you have known that the 3 songs from the Chinese song list are wonderful, and I hope that you can enjoy it and have fun. If you want to find more great Chinese songs and learn Chinese please follow us and we will provide more great things for you.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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