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The Chinese Best Song Streets Sang By Song Xu In January 2017

Few days ago, we have shared more best Chinese songs of Wang Feng for you.But most of them are Chinese rock music.Today we would want to share a pure Chinese best song that is full of Chinese wind.

Like most Wuxia novels, the idyllic style and heroic bravery style are the two important dimensionality in the Chinese wind music.But in most Chinese wind work,the idyllic style would be the single tropism when their creation because it is easy to create.The hero bravery style has less Chinese songs which make the idyllic style become the pronoun of Chinese wind.It is hard to imagine the concatenate the two style into one song.

But the Chinese new song Streets of Xu Song that it concatenates the two styles into itself.As a Chinese high-yield singer-songwriter, Xu Song used the album Custom, Seeks the Fog Announcement, Just Go to Have Tea etc and lay the foundation for the position that represents the Chinese wind.Nowadays, he uses anther Chinese wind song Streets to prove his creative strength again.

’ Today is which day/The night wind go through the flower countyard/The flower become faded and fallen after the music ’, attend by the wooden flute and the patter of the rain.In the voice of Guqin, Xu Song spread the sad and beautiful archaistic picture scroll for the listener.Normal Chinese lyrics are to match the psychedelic drumbeat then you would find you have seen many scenes of Jiangnan region.

However, the way turns, ’The old place is where/The death will not come back/Warm blood/Just dry in the old regret thing ’.The idyllic stop abruptly and the hero bravery style come in a continuous stream and finally a foul and a rain of blood picture scroll unfold slowly.

At the same times,with the’ warm blood, knife and sword, feeling of gratitude’ image appearing, the arrangement begins to start a power generation that tries their best to foil the iron horse dream.The integration of Chinese and western of Xu Song style appears again.

For example,the traditional Chinese instrument sunray, gong bring out the best in each other with the best of Dubstep.Although the beat is popular, it appears archaistic.Otherwise,the lofty sentiments of Chinese red drum mixes with the illusion of the Hip-Hop electronic drum also show the feeling of detachment.It is just like that the man has a hero bravery dream.

In the end of this Chinese best song, the lyric ’ In the cold boad/I drink alone ’ dissociate fast and don’t appear abrupt but have more dramatic tension which like the end of the dream.

The singing of Xu Song is just like the balderdash which has the normal basic tone of narration, the third perspective objective description as if have to look up the enemy of the street and regard historical rotation changes the as unimportant.It just a pipe dreams a dream that cannot lack a beauty.

’ The lonely wild goose just flies to/The beauty is coming/When recover after drunkenness/Just it is in the dream’.The idyllic style appears again that not only has the beautiful but also has the country.

The largest characteristic of this Chinese best song of Xu Song is that the idyllic style and the sword fighting alternate each other.Xu Song wrote the a beautiful picture scrolls that button the button of the Chinese wind.With the help of this song,Xu Song is not only competing his qualitative change but also set up a benchmark of the Chinese wind music.

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Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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