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The Best New China Song Mp3 We Are Gorgeous Single People

It always has some Chinese singers accompany our growth.Twins are the keyword which is remembered by the people after 85s and before 95s.The Chinese music female group has many old Chinese songs in the past 17 years.Today we would want to share a new Chines song from them.

In 2016,they are also continuing releasing their new song when they are busy on opening the world tour. Before the Shanghai concert,they push the new single mandarin Chinese song We Are Gorgeous Single People.The name is corresponding to the relationship status which is Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung has. Otherwise,this new action also verifies sideways the diligent enterprise of Twins.They are not relying on the old Chinese love songs to offer the reminiscence for their fans but releases constantly the new song and fight in the music way.

The love song We Are Gorgeous Single People is just a proposition that fits the people of every age.Nevertheless, the different age will have the different experience to match different status singleness.If they sang this song ten years ago, you would image that they are picky to love and want to wait for the true love.When they have been 30s,they have been loved, paid out,struggled,pained and then come back to the status of singleness.It is not that no one love them and just they did a choose that don’t fit most people.In fact, whether singleness or in love,it is the relationship status of only one person and don’t need to cater to the request of the mundane environment.

In the cover of this song, Charlene and Gillian wear the blue and gray cloth and match the gray cover with the golden background which seems like the great fashionable magazine.The magnificent posture seems like the annotation that show the noble and free of the singleness.In the creation of this great Chinese song, it is also familiar poet Wyman Wong and composer Lin Jun Jie and producer Ronald Ng.

The big surprise is this teamwork with Lin Jun Jie.He once composed the I Wanted To Love Him for Twins ten years ago.After ten years, it sounds that it is the new direction of the old story then they have the We Are Gorgeous Single People after they have been loved, hurt to help them to sing a new love story.The join of the celebrated member Wyman Wong and Ronald Ng help this song to performance the familiar feelings.The connation of the guitar, piano, violin to arrange a representative gas field of the Hong Kong music.When they begin to sing to take the fluency melody of Lin Jun Jie and then the second part of the refrain which the R&B bat comes in.Finally the artistic conception is transformed from the boring life to magnificent feelings.It also goes forward one by one in listening emotion which emerges abundant emotional level of this song.

When we look at this song, it just like that it is a small attempt on music and emotion of Twins.It shows that they want to keep updating their approach in the future.We would like to they can sing more numerous Chinese songs to us.

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Jack Smith
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