The Best Music From China 100% Catch Your Heart To It

The Best Music From China 100% Catch Your Heart To It

Few days ago, we have shared some great Chinese children songs for you.Many people said that they want more other music from China.That’s why we share this great Chinese music for you today.

The China music is from the men’s team that called BBF which abbreviation is Big Boyfriends.

In fact, the meaning is not the right important part but how they can take showing themselves from the competitive environment.Anyhow,the music company have decided to pay any money for building the great music group and they don’t need to worry about the money.

When you firstly see the four boys that include Gao Zhenming, Zeng Xitang, Zhao Yunyi, Song Leiqian, maybe you would think that they would walk the standard way that the idol group walk to.Because they are handsome and can dance.We are surprised that they are good at singing and it is their strong point because the tone quality,intonation, harmony are great.

When we think back that Chinese music group we could find that there is less location of individuality and must keep a foothold in the art of singing.Most music From China of them is pointing the keywords which includes youth,dream,pure,first love.From Red Dragonfly of The Little Tigers to Not Yet Lovers of S.H.E or from Meteor Showers of F4 to Manual of Youth of TF Boys.Because the Chinese song must accommodate itself to the different character or sound ray of a different member.It’s hard to extrude in the music entertainment circle by personality.

BBF also faced the same awkwardness because it is hard to fuse the character and sound ray of the four persons into a song to emerge the most eclectic beautify.Although we can hear the ten abundant but also conservative young songs.

Those songs of BBF are very exotic because the composers are coming from Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Taiwan.Even they are dauntless and don’t record any Chinese traditional music in the Chinese ten songs.For example, the Single Love Habit,Coverd Silence used the abundant hierarchical arrangement which texture is more close to the lyric songs in Europe and America.

In the fast-rhythm song, they completely emerge the power discreet of the young people.The Be King is not only aggressively singing loudly but also self-mockery naughtily. Ten Thousand Kinnds of Meeting show the great European EDM. The Exclusive Opening is the most naughty song in the album that the singer is very mischievous in the song.

You can hear the breath of the great idol group like One Direction in the album.However, it is hard to use the music to break through a way.Although they are great in the singing, they need more fusion between their character.

In the light of the present situation, humor of Liaoning boy Gao Zhenming, the ‘breach’ feeling of Beijing boy Zhao Yunqi, the well-behaved action of Chongqing boy Zeng Xitang, also the great talent of Hong boy Song Yueqian.All of this can help them to be remembered.If they can magnify the shining point in their own, maybe they can go far.Because they have great skill in singing which is worth to be like.

The existence of BBF, just like throwing a stone to clear the road which tries the best to help BBF do more try in the music From China style.Music fans should get the point to hear they sold singing, chorus ability behind the abundant musical style.

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