The Best Free Chinese Music Catch Me When I Fall  by Lu Han 2016

The Best Free Chinese Music Some Point by Lu Han 2016

It is difficult to define what is the best Chinese song at the end of every year for the music editors.Because everyone would have a different thought about Chinese songs.But today we want to share a true best free Chinese music Catch Me When I Fall (某时某刻) from Lu Han in 2016.

Lu Han is a super idol for the young boys and girls.His music can use the ten million level production budget to forge a long album which can employee a great oversea music company to show the music internationalized production.It also can try the new style Trap for inland fans in China.

In fact, When his song Reloaded is issued, his latest album is on the agenda.’Public idol, niche singer’ is the label that Lu Han want to get in his way.When we talk about the ‘Public’, ’Niche’ that is also relatively speaking.For example, the music list Billboard, UK is full of Trap style but the Chinese music still keeps its way that has a lot of bitter love songs and the northeast song-and-dance duet.

The composer Santell of this song Same Point contributed the Seal,LU,Adeventure time etc in the last album.At this time,he worked with a French producer Picard Brothers to show a standard ConteMPORARY R&B: The psychedelic tone slowly rolled out and gave you a word that is full of sense of atmosphere;And then Lu Han began to sing when you listen it firstly you can not know where he sing to.The line between the verse and the refrain is intentionally dim. 

Although the beat of this song is exciting your eardrum especially the part of Bass.Lu Han don’t want to lead all to dance and go to take a social visit.This is just the beautify of abstinence in the copy writer of this best free Chinese music.Maybe our understanding about R&B is just limited in those songs from Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, David Tao and just have less fuzzy conception.

However, R&B style is strongest vitality in US or worldwide.For decades it is effected by Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, EDM, Dancing song.After went through the spring tide of the dancing song.We are happy to see that Lu Han show the new R&B style to island music fans.Just like the Chinese christian songs show the different angle to Chinese.

We can see that Lu Han and his team are not following the wind of this music style but base on the content what the song wants to express.The poet Jing Zhu of this song Catch Me When I Fall,is not strange to Lu Han because she wrote many Chinese song lyric for those album of Lu Han.

She know what Lu Han want to say and want to hide: ‘The films’ plot just played at here today/When the night become clam and the world just leave me/They said that I was the one who is favor by the god/And must to be perfect ’

In the song mv of this song Lu Han don’t appear in this video and just get through his music to lead the process of the emotion.You can comprehend that Lu Han consciously put his idol identity out and make all to put more attention to his signer identity who represents the young to sing.

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