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The Best Folk and EDM Love Song in Chinese 100% Free to Listen

Recently The prairie elves Ji Ya releases her new single folk and EDM love song in Chinese Drunk On the Prairie And Singing Love Songs.In the past year, Ji Ya have relied on another great Chines song Prairie Wind Blowing surprised the eye of the listener.It looks like those great Chinese chicken songs that have the great experience when you listen it.

In the end of 2016, Ji Ya work with the golden musician Han Bing release this new folk Chinese song which summarizes the prairie fashion EDM connate with the folk popular musical essence.It is so full of value to listen and collect.The symbolic fashionable folk style and the magnetic voice of Ji Ya take the many different double visual and aural experience to the fans.

Drunk On the Prairie And Singing Love Songs is a model of Chinese folk pop songs and is also the second piece of the Prairie Trilogy after Prairie Wind Blowing.It also highlights the recurrence of a musical concept which is the nation is the root and the prairie is the love.They work together to sing that makes the Chinese folk music, original ecology music, Chinese characteristic folk original music as the core and then try to add different musical instruments to construct the colorful regional music.Musician Han Bing is not only taking on everything like composition, arrangement, accompanied singer but also is brave to blend in the EDM,Hip-hop,rap fashionable element.

But it also blends the Chinese prairie traditional art including long tune, Khoomei, Uliger and then become the landmark song of the prairie music.Otherwise, the arrangement of this song is not the work of the normal studio because it adds the successive EDM melody and the Rap part to own the abundant feelings.The creation of this song is not only included the folk style, rap style.EDM melody but also connate the polyphony melody.

The idea of this song comes from one time prairie tour of the musician Han Bing.When Ji Ya hear the demo of this song, she is attracted by the melody of this song.The song spends many times to polish because it took a half year to compose it.The song in Chinese uses the rhythmic melody which blend in the fashionable element.It is the first time that uses the new EDM folk style to replace the old style that just sings or adapts the old Chinese folk songs.This new Chinese EDM folk song is different with the traditional Chinese folk songs because it attracts the idea from the national folk music and uses the reference of the European and American blues rap music.

Over the years, Ji Ya traveled this river north and south and have abundant performance experience which helps her to have the more mature singing style and the deep thought about Chinese song.When she talked about the folk music, she said that she would look more the creation of the folk music and hope more people love the style and use the a new angle to see the music of them.

The fusion between the folk music and popular music cannot be easy.Ji Ya wants to use the EDM,Hip-hop. Punk style to let more people know the rich and colorful prairie fashion song in Chinese.

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Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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