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The Best Chinese Traditional Song Jasmine Flower

If you ask me ,for us Chinese people what kind of music is the most traditional ,I will answer you :Its folk music .If you ask me which one of the folk songs has the most profound influence on the Chinese people,  then I can answer you :It’s Jasmine Flower(茉莉花(Mo Li Hua)). It is Chinese traditional song, appears to be the most traditional and famous song in our memories. Wherever you come from, whatever you are working on no matter how old you are, everyone in China is familiar with this china song.

 It’s folk music, and comes from the ditty Ode to flowers in Southern Song Dynasty. In 1957,it was completed by a military composer He Fang As a result of its important status and lively represent not only in culture, but also in politics, people also praise this song as “The second Chinese national anthem”

The song was accepted  by the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games in 2004、opening ceremony of BeiJing Olympic Games in 2008 and other important occasions.

The folk music with national characteristics and periodic iterative structure brings us into a lively and happy mood.

The scenery in the nature depicted in this song showed us a simple emotion and elegance–Jasmine Flower come into bloom, fragrance all around the garden, girls love their lives, love the nature, love the flowers, value the flowers , they want to pick them up but they didn’t do that because of the treasure.

In another word, this song accompanies with the national characteristics—“to overcome the strength by applying soft methods.”However, there’s another version, whose lyrics are based on the love between the youth and the girl. They compare beautiful and young girls with white, fragrant and beautiful jasmine flower, suggest the youth that doesn’t waste the girl’s beauty and time, bravely seek for his love but should be careful about not frightening them because they’re so frail.

This song becomes a symbol of the friendship and communication of culture between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits in such a special period. In October 2002,the first concert named in the Jasmine Flower was held in the district Liu He in Province Nan Jing.

Here’s its lyrics in English:

So beautiful the jasmine flower,

No other flower can compare with it,

I want to pick just one jasmine flower,

But I fear I will anger the gardener,

I want to pick just one jasmine flower,

But I fear the jasmine flower will not bloom;

So beautiful the jasmine flower,

Fragrant, white and loved by all,

I want to pick just one,

And send it to someone else.

Jasmine flower!

So beautiful the jasmine flower.

Fragrant, beautiful and full-blown.

I want to pick just one,

And send it to someone else,

Jasmine flower!

after listening to this Chinese traditional song ,you will be closer to Chinese lives, get more knowledge about Chinese national characteristics.We provide the great Chinese song mp3 free for our client,you can get it in our website.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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