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The Best Chinese Songs of Wang Feng in Chinese Rock Music

As a musician who not only sings but also composes, it must be good at creating more great work to exist in the music circle and win the honor in the music market.Today we are willing to share some best Chinese songs from Wang Feng who is a great musician that is not only good at singing but also in composition.

We will share his top 10 Chinese rock songs as follow:

1.Good Night Beijing (晚安, 北京) — 1997

Good Night Beijing is the immediate work of Wang Feng.It also settles his primary music style in a long time.The biggest characteristic of this song is that the overflow of poetry that the overflow here is not a representation of a derogatory term.Because it likes what Wang said in his song that he is on a crazy margin.

This song also appears much vocabulary and imago which not in the traditional Chinese music creation.For example ‘the voice from homemade road roller’, the boiled broth of the world’, ‘the broken tyre’, ‘the cry of violin’ that help the song have special impact force in front of the magic artic conception.

Especially the musical arrangement of this song, it shows the its cadence, stagger between the lyric and the violence which strengthen the performance of the music.It can be regarded as the monumental work not only in the creation of Wang Feng but also in the history of Chinese rock music.

2.Li Jian Guo (李建国) – 1997

Wang wrote the great song Li Jian Guo in the first album in the stage in Bao Jia Street 43 music groups.This song is the best thing song that describes a small person in the history of Chinese popular music.It has the more strong sense of bringing into than the I Am a small bird or Songs Of Ordinary People by Jonathan Lee.

‘He likes to watch the seven-o'clock News Report/He likes to hear the Chines popular song of Teresa Teng’.The normal ‘Li Jian Guo’ is a normal person but he is endowed the extraordinary in the normal time.Only a poetic musician can turn this on.

3.Should I Have A Real Life Or Go To Fantasy (我应该真实地生活还是去幻想) — 1998

In the musical life of Wang, he uses the two vocabulary ‘fantasy'. ‘confused’ many times.The indetermination is not only the charm of the music creation but also is the power that the creator goes ahead in music.

A musician is not the ideologist, educator, scientist, theorist because a musician creates a work that sometimes doesn’t need certain direction or rigorous logic and just need the constant asking then find the answer in the life in the constant question.That is all right even cannot find the answer because it has a dream and we will arrive it finally.This is a old can find more Chinese old songs here in our website.

4.Youth (青春) – 2000

This song is that Wang gives away to his ex-girlfriend Jun Zi.After Jun Zi die, he arranged this song again and collects it in his first solo album.The Chinese lyric of this song Youth will remind you think about the masterpiece Leaving Home and Going Far Away at the Age of 18 of Yu Hua.

That is a dim moonlight and ignorant youth which got something when it is clear and lost something when it is opposite.What Wang Feng wrote in this song is that look like fuzzy but is very crazy.You understand it if you never experience the youth.

5.In The Rain(在雨中) – 2002

In The Rain is recorded in the personal album Love is A Happy Bullet of Wang in 2002.It is highly controversial because it looks like not rock music.But it is a great Chinese music album that have the disjunctive meaning for Wang.

Especially, the main theme song In The Rain which writing is very lyric and romantic and add more crazy with a poet.It would be the most beautiful Chines love song in the history of Chinese rock music.It said that the rock musician also can be romantic and amorous and can write the love song.

In fact,most best Chinese songs from Wang Feng break through the base line between the Chines rock songs and other Chinese songs.That is why Wang is so prevalent in China.

6.Fly Higher(飞得更高) – 2004

Fly Higher is one of the most successful song in the business.This success also shows that the song also shows in many big competition or activity.In fact,when a song is more popular,some singing surroundings change would lead some misread about the work.Just like the best song Fly Higher.

Many people may think that the song is a party song which sounds more hollow.In fact, Fly Higher is song that talk about the meaning of life.As this singing of Wang in the beginning ‘The life is just a big river, sometimes calm, sometimes crazy’.Maybe Wang is not enough exquisite and perfect but he wrote the beauty of grand screen.

7.Vanity Fair(名利场) – 2009

As a successful rock singer, what he should do that don’t have the perfect answer.But in the reality,many successful rock singer would be come back to the original way which towards the Buddhist mood.This is just an attitude and choice of the life.

However, it can be seen as an escape from the angle of music or rock music.To Wang, he never escapes and even keeps his choice to criticize and reflect.Vanity Fair maybe is not the best song of Wang Feng but it is worth to admire that a successful Chinese rock singer still could create the rock music of vanity fair.

8.Sunflower(向阳花) – 2001

The song Sunflower is a great song that Wang wrote for his daughter.His work is renowned for the high level and the dimensionality.Maybe most music fans don’t want to be represented that think that the Chinese songs from Wang have the big theme and conception.But Sunflower is absolutely a warm work.

It is a dialogue between the mother and daughter but is not a fairy tale and has many unbearable thing in the real world.Just only a rock new dad would write the real counsel.

9.Swing Together(一起摇摆) – 2013

Swing Together is the Chinese old school style song which bases on blue's element.Maybe Wang was effected by the leader team The Voice of China and Harlem mentor.Wang begins to choose this more light style to show the music even the part of the lyric is more heavy than before for adding more self-mockery.

Different stage would lead to different China music.In a way, this song Swing Together also was a portraiture that the life of Wang was before 3 years ago.His cloth-wrappers is very heavy that maybe he needs more rest.

10.Time Flies! Can You Make Me Feel Helpless(流年啊 你奈我何) — 2015

After experiencing all of what the rock singer should have, and also experience all of what a Chinese rock singer should have, Wang feels helpless but still keep strong then it became the song Time Flies! Can You Make Me Feel Helpless?

This song is also the portraitures what he has already.He does not know who just go ahead and is a go backwards or turn left and turn right.After many setbacks,Wang still chooses a difficult way to go but still surrender to the fiddle that the life gives to him.From the content and title,we can say that Wang is a true rocker.

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After we share 10 best Chinese songs for you.Do you have any question about this song or our website?Just told us in the comment.Of cause you can download Chinese songs free in our website.

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Jack Smith
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