The Best Chinese New Year Song Lyrics Family Reunion Dinner In 2017

The Best Chinese New Year Song Lyrics Family Reunion Dinner

In the past years, we have shared more great Chinese new year songs for you.Today we would want to share another one which is the best one in 2017.Although it is the Chinese new year topic and it can be singing at any festival in China.

In the boom years of the music industry, the record company also pushes choral works or stars concert out from its artists at a regular time every year.But in recent years,many stars start to do their things on their way and build the Chinese music radio and music company themselves.The music trademark becomes a distant legend for Chinese music.

Fortunately, the Chinese music company Emperor Entertainment Group Limited is still continuing doing the same thing and issues a great Chinese new year song Family Reunion Dinner which is not only make the year topic prominent but also use the group start to continue the musical brand spirit.

The best Chinese new year song is terrific and work for the publicity of the new year movie Battle Upon Shef.The singing team is very big that includes Twins group, Leo Koo, Hacken Lee, Raymond Lam, William Chan, Joey Yung, Nicholas Tse etc which are the best thing singers in the company.The melody of this song is off the beaten track and collect the worldwide EDM style specially the melody that runs through all the song which is dynamic.

The Chinese new year song lyric also is full of positive power that transforms the dense   love to call on everyone who meets each other value the family reunion dinner.Just takes it together and don’t miss it.The big and exquisite topic helps us empathize the emotion to the tick Spring Festival atmosphere.

This happy type song is particularly needed more star to performance because the happy spirit what the song conveys will be geometrical timers spread.Of cause the family reunion dinner song also needs the stars from the great company to sing that is the best convey for the family reunion spirit.

Every member of the family will work hard for his goal or family goal and share the gain and loss, the happiness and sadness in the past year and then sing, together.This stars’s show is very valuable in the musical brand losing day.The Emperor Entertainment Group Limited wants to use the actual action to tell others that record company is still existing and the stars are still a team.The power of the music brand will keep doing the hard work and contribution for the Cantonese song or Chinese music circle.

The Mv of this song also makes our surprise that many stars appeared in this video which accompanies some warm stories to match the new year feeling.In recent years,many Chinese new year songs didn’t do a great job because most of them did not perfume and just record in the recording studio and even some of them need to cut the frames.The stars performance of the company is the respect for the music which will help the music spirit to keep being inherited.

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