The Best Chinese Music Online My Skating Shoes For You Free

The Best Chinese Music Online My Skating Shoes For You Free

In China, it still has many interesting songs like Chinese chicken song. Recently, interesting divine comedy My Skating Shoes come back to our eyes.But it is different that is organized to be sang by Hua Chenyu.The new Chinese music online has the excellent musicality and more infectious performance.

My Skating Shoes is formed by the young man Joseeh Punmanlon and come out as a divine comedy.It says that it has more meaning about sociology, anthropology but not only talk about its musical value.In China, the divine comedy is jocose whether it begins with an art experiment or aim at pan-entertainment work.Finally they catch successfully the attention from the society.Even it has big popularity that it cannot be defined narrowly as a notable work or excellent professional value.

The music, especially the popular music, has permeated in detail in normal life.The sociologist Tia Denora go through many deep interviews and find the related point between the music and personage, society from the microcosmic, specific, individual angle with the help of ethnography, musical physiotherapy.The meaning of this type of research is filling up the irradiation attitude of T.W Adorno which connect the blind spot of the classics, historiography, philosophy.The song My Skating Shoes use the rap way and many lyrics to create the whole abundant narrative space to help the people to figure out the intention that the composer composed this song.

The original lyrics embrace the imaginary skating shoes to spread.The first part is looking mainly by narrating.After he found the imaginary skating shoes out, the second part turn to express his emotion to highlight that the special meaning of the skating shoes to ‘me’:Don’t afraid of the darkness and dance on the city’s street.Nevertheless, it not enough that just put the skating shoes as a loving action.Otherwise, the lyrics reveal that the young people from small town yearn for the vast city.Skating shoes are the epitome of excess material and the symbol of the subculture.It means that I can only show my magic charm in the vast city.But repeated ‘rub’ cannot be seen as that the dream has come true.Dont’ forget that almost all of the scene take place in the night.

This best Chinese music online just goes through the wrong constant pat and oral speech sounds and simple arrangement to college the amazing song.Its lyrics convey the true desire that it wants to reach the modern style but its production cannot reach the normalization request.It warns us that the special emotion of us maybe has been rubbed down by the specification and urges the musician to response:How to use the appropriate musical language to make more audience to know more story about ‘Skating shoes’ again?

The arrangement of Hua Chenyu is different with other versions which those Chinese singers follow the jocose style.First, he gives up the original composition and compose it again but reserve the rap style to tell a story.Then he changes and amends the rhythm and add some short melody lyrics to become the refrain to strengthen the memory point.It helps the song become more smooth, tidy.Second, Chenyu highlights the emotional interaction between the personage and the city with the help of cool clothing design. Body movement, dancing steps of design.

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