The Best Chinese Christmas song Love Can Change Everything

Chinese Christian Song:Gu Wu

Gospel Music is a kind of religious music. The style of singing is to use a syllable to decorate sound (combine a few notes into one syllable). Drums and electric guitars accompany the excited beat and the rhythm. It emphasizes on rhythmic accompaniment of musical instruments and singing the Chinese Christmas song unprepared. In China, lots of Chinese people believe in the Redeemer-Jesus who was born on Christmas Day. They sing gospel music when they pray to the lord. They think Jesus will lead them to a bright way. Today I will say one of that music called "Jesus Fashion".

"Jesus Fashion" was composed by Jay Chow(周杰伦),and written by Luo WenYu(罗文裕. It was the first song that Jay created for God. He sang it in Personal arena concert for seven days(七日个人小巨蛋演唱会)to thousands of his funs. It's no wonder that Jay becomes a Christian.

His mother, wife, and even some of his friends are in Christianity. His mother has prayed to god everyday for Jay since she was baptized. She hoped Jay would truly know the Lord and be baptized. Jay didn't let her down. He was baptized in 2010.

There are a lot of Christian like Jay such as Hua Mei Zhen, Luo Wen Yu, and Gao YiAi. They brought the song to New York by singing it in chorus in the fifth "love can change everything " (爱能改变一切) in North American.

When Jay composed it, he was very scrupulous because he thought not only the human will hear it, but also the lord. We can feel that he wanted to give his best to the heart of God. The song sings:"your love fascinating me all the time, the universal gravitation is attracted to you, nothing can replace you, forever, thousands of years like a day, I have to follow.

Your love has made me believe in the promise of where the feet are. Even though everything changes, I will stick to what I promised.Love is unbelievable, you are the only, the heart of my heart……." It expresses young person's love to Jesus and the sincere feelings of Jesus to all the people around the world

Nowadays, more and more Chinese people come to the church to pray to the Lord for peace and happiness. Christian celebrates the Thanksgiving Day because it was the day that Jesus came back to life, and Christmas Day for his birth.

Perhaps the Christmas Day just means a festival to some Chinese people or any other who don't believe in God, however, it is holy to the Christianity. They sing the song and do what they can do to express their sincerely and devotionally from the deep soul.

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