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The Best China Pop Music New Life By GALA Band In 2017

If you have read more posts of our website, you would find out that we share more and more China songs in Chinese music for you.Our task is finding the great Chinese songs and then share with you who love the culture of China.Hope you continuing taking attention to us.

Today we talk about an old band GALA which has built more than 13 years.It is meaningless that talk about their past. Although they have sung many great China pop music to move the fans, the musical time has passed and the thing has changed.The past is past and they need to see and receive the moment which is the best feeling and experience in life.

Just like the new single song New Life, GALA record the full and alive youth.Its lyrics build the alive status which is from the respect and praises to the life.It sounds like that you cannot only feel the power that they propagate by a song and even more cause your thought about your life with the progressive melody and lyric.Specially the mindset transform to growth which draw the outline of the life in the song New Life.

From full youth to fear, from self to others, from bravery to selfless, then GALA sing ‘whether glory or shame,just walk under the sky and the earth’.It is not hard to find out that the new life which has written into the rock melody is not the topic which is linked with the rebirth.And it is an original knowledge of the actual self.

When GALA throws away the old style that includes the youth and dream,the audience would find that they still have the full power about music and they also boldly put more different characteristic and elements into the connotation of the song.The theme New Life go through all of the song and GALA take many growing track into the song. It is surprised that the track looks like discursive but whether playing or difficult, when you have clear knowledge about yourself then you would get the new life.

Meanwhile, the restarted GALA did an experience after facing the changeable audience who loves different musical style in the music market.GALA work together with the Gong Ge, Tong ZI and try to let every fan to find out what they want in the song New Life.It also becomes a great wind indicator in the music market in this year in China pop music.After all, it is fewer albums that have a different singer and a different musical style element.In fact, there are many singers who want to simulate the model of GALA.We can see that GALA still have great influence of the their fans.

After built 13 years, GALA takes many great moving and memory to all of the fans with the name of music.Although they still run about wildly in the musical way, they don’t please the honor and performance what they have.On the contrary, they use the new conception, thought, creation to refresh the impression that they give to the fans that just like they have the New Life.

Whether it is a single new song or an experimental color album or a new trend due to the conception.GALA released the original song would become the most landmark record in Chinese music.Recently it releases the latest album by the solid album New lIfe.Its alumni have the special sign in every album for the fans.It can be a musical collection that has special meaning for the fans.

After you read this post about China Pop Music New Life, what happens to your thought about it.Just give us a comment about the wonderful music.

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