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The Andy Lau Song List Bring You Back To Final Glory Of Hong Kong Movie

Hong Kong is the world's third largest film industrial base (after Hollywood and Bollywood) and the second largest film exporter (after the United States). Hong Kong film really entered the "golden age" in 1988, just three years after Andy Lau's foray into the world of music. In that time, Andy Lau had just achieved some success in the singing world, who was nominated for best new actor at the 2nd Hong Kong film awards, and Andy was prolific, making thirteen films a year. We could see that Andy’s singing and acting career was neck and neck at that time. So today we would like to share an Andy Lau song list, which can take you back to the glory of the Hong Kong film.

The Interlude Of As Tears Go By Wrong One (痴心错付)

Firstly, what is the “as tears go by”? It is a dramatic film directed by Wong Karwai, starring by Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung and Jacky Cheung. The film was published in Hong Kong, China in 1988. Wong Karwai is a representative of Hong Kong films. Back to the movie, it is the story of Hua, a Mafia character, in order to take care of the failing friend but militant with Mafia malicious role, then ran to his rehabilitation of isolated islands. During that time, the relationship with his cousin is becoming more and more affectionate, but Hua's identity of the gang was a setback for the relationship.

As Wong’s debut, this gangster movie without lone hero or terrible brawl, only has two helpless youth in reality of grief and despair. The meaning of the film is no longer part traditional. It is different from the mainstream trend of creative concept showed Wong new distinct personality, he is not in accordance with the general model to shape the characters into black and white, but as a human being with fresh and blood. Wong Karwai combined the traditional underworld of Hong Kong action movies with his own unique style of image. This film showed a difference from other action of alternative style with the poetic romance abstracted visual feeling of MTV.

Secondly, the song “wrong one” sung by Andy Lau is the interlude of the movie. In the end of the movie, Hua’s failing friend was shot dead by the police because he killed a suspect in public, and Hua was furious. Then Hua took out his gun and avenged for his friend which caused Hua’s Dead. The moment when he fell, he remembered the memories of the kiss with his cousin in the telephone booth and the song “wrong one” rang in time. As the melody goes off, the sad atmosphere was fully rendered.

Like the song said, I have been abandoned by you in this life, love has been hurt and stained, and then I understand love is sinful for me. In the movie, Hua is a prodigal son. He can give you love but not promise. I guess women just end up wanting a sense of belonging, a desire to have it, but before that, women is confused. Hua chose to leave her because of his friend. Under the heavy rain, Hua accidentally saw his ex-girlfriend.

She is dressed in a white dress without make-up. She said. "I am married." He looked at her tummy button, and he was gingerly close to the touch, and she smiled. "it is not yours.” He rushed into the rain and then shouted “goodbye” to her. Once the heart has died, it will not make waves again and everything is light. Her simple smile replaced the crazy, silly laugh, her politeness and thoughtfulness replaced unreasonable, and you know that you are no longer in her heart. Man, do you have heartache then?

When we were young, we used to get hurt in a relationship, and it is very common. So when you heard the song, it will remind you about the women who hurt you before. Once upon a time, we all had been foolish for love which we understand from the beginning, just like moths to a flame. Sometimes, it will destroy us.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics

PinYin:  míng bai ài qíng zǒng shì cuò wù

Chinese:  明   白  爱  情   总     是   错   误

English:  I understand that love always wrong.

The “明白” means “understand”. The “爱情” means “love”, The “总是” means “always”. The “错误” means“mistake”.

Let Sing The Heart Words Of Wastrel(浪子心声)

After the “wrong one” of Andy Lau song list among, let us hear the choral work from Andy Lau and Nick Cheung, the heart words of wastrel.

When I first heard this song, it is the end of “the conman of 1999”. The comedy of gambling was prevalent at that time. I immediately like on this beautiful song with pure and fresh and great melody. “the conman of 1999”is one of the important work of Andy Lau mid life transition. Personally, I like this movie, but the film does not appear to expect the success in business. Nature is not the choice of this song, and Andy added it in his album called “Go home” to show his fond.

By the way, The Conman of 1999 is a film made by a Hong Kong Chinese star Group LTD on December 18, 1998. And it directed by Wang Jing, staring at Andy Lau. The film tells the story of the old King, who makes a living by gambling, was sentenced to jail for manslaughter charges in five years. When he out of jail, he accompanied by his best friend who called the dragon, back on the streets, and hand in with King horse to document the legend of gambling for a century.

But in fact, the song was composed by Samuel Hui, is not only the representative work of Samuel, and also was deduced by many famous. This is part of the most representative works of the golden age of Cantonese opera, and also is the most famous song in Hong Kong.

As for me, Andy’s version of “the heart words of wastrel” is my favorite. Compared with the original, the assembler, arranger, and recording has obvious progress. Andy’s deep and almost, husky voice is a good way to explain the unique feeling of the middle-aged man. It has an unique romantic feelings in this version, seemed to be listening to a once-mighty man after the ups and downs, taste life’s good and warm, or like a romantic amorous prodigal in countless field after all, in an empty cold corner recalled that silly love with his innocent girl.

Although in Samuel’s version, it was great. There is a great difficult to explain in words, seems to be a middle-aged man who dressed in a shirt in a hot summer evening. It was a kind of quiet life, a calm state of mind, just like the flow of the four seasons, the natural breath of grass and trees. Personally, I prefer to Andy’s version.

This song like understatement, but appears to be the ups and downs of life, on-and-off all sides, tell us how a man figure sculpt, draw the outline of an ordinary but great ,or told us that the goodness of the world really is not dazzling bright, but it's in front of you, like sunset of the sky.

To see the seduction of the glamour, the desire of fame, with more sense and responsibility, the wastrel of the song is such a man, he can be mine, can be you, can also be the most ordinary person.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics

PinYin:  mìng lǐ  yǒu shí zhōng xū yǒu

Chinese:  命   里  有   时    终    须  有

English: Sometimes in life, it will have to be there.

The “命里” means “in life ”. The “有” means “have”, The “时” means “time”. The “终须” means“eventually”.

Like A Lost Heart: Infernal Affairs By Andy Lau And Leung Chiu Wai(无间道)

Actually, the Hong Kong films of the 2000s were indeed in crisis, with a haze of gloom. As Hong Kong's economy continued to be slump, the outbreak of SARS, left many theaters empty and halted film production for four months. At that time, Infernal Affairs, directed by Andrew Lau and Siu Fai Mak, turned out. The award-winning film, which I have watched over and over, has reportedly also been a successful rescue of the depressed market in Hong Kong. The film is the story of two disorganized men who are the undercover agents of the police and the underworld, are determined to find their own story after a fierce fight.

Now, let me share the last song on Andy Lau song list, infernal affairs by Andy Lau and Leung Chiu Wai which is the theme song of the movie called the same name. The song was composed by Wu Lecheng and Lin Xi. It was the first time that Andy Lau and Leung Chiu Wai sang together, but the record was so smooth that the two songs were completed in six hours.

Leung later said that he had not entered the recording studio for a long time and was in a nervous mood, worried that he was a green hand and affected the progress of the recording. Fortunately, he was able to pass it. The Media Asia film company attaches great importance to the movie "internal affairs", to achieve the perfect effect, and has invited hundreds of orchestras in Beijing.

In the song, their hearts were roaring. Without knowing it is a light or dark world, there is no rain or blood for them. As the lyrics say, "we've all been on the road, we've forgotten our way out, and we've been chasing the occasional satisfaction in disappointment; We are all in a dream to release the suffering of wakefulness, wandering in the lights of nowhere.

And since there's no destination, I do not think that we should care anything else.” We're standing here that can't get back to the beginning and can't see the end, we already lost ourselves. It is the belief of the beginning, which leads to the mistaken belief that there is still hope. It is just the infatuated person speaks his dream, and in the end he wakes up, pretending to be confused.

Eventually, the wine of drunken dream, it is just a joke of fate.

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics

PinYin: shēng mìng tài duǎn   míng rì wú xiàn yuǎn

Chinese:  生    命     太  短        明    日无   限     远

English: Life is too short to be tomorrow.

The “生命” means “ life ”. The “太” means “too”, The “短” means “short”. The “明日” means“tomorrow”, The “无限” means “infinity ”. The “远” means “far”.

An age has gone and a legend has ended. It is what I am trying to say in this article. I hope you will enjoy reading it and have a different or deeper understanding of Hong Kong movies and this Andy Lau song list. As far as I can see, film is a reflection of social reality while music reflects a kind of art of human life emotion. If you want to find more great Chinese songs and other Chinese stuff, please continue to follow our website and we will try our best to provide more cool things for you.

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