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The 3 Famous Chinese Love Songs Help You Recollect Your Sweet Days

Love songs are an important part of Chinese music. Most people will think of particular love songs when recollect their sweet days.And today we would like to share the famous Chinese love songs which are very popular in China and we hope this article can give some interesting thing to you to help you learn Chinese.

Eason Chan's “Love Call Transfer” Download Is Amazing Beyond Ten Years

How much love can be redone? How many people are willing to wait?2007 multimedia new year's New Year movie –“Love Call Transfer”can give you the answer,which is one of the famous Chinese love songs.With the“Love Call Transfer” in the major theaters nationwide release,the song,which is the movie theme song,sang by Eason chan,has become a hot song in the beginning of 2007.

“Ten Years""is Eason Chan's classical masterpiece,which is also one of the well-known Chinese love songs.It is this song that makes Eason Chan's status in today's music world no one can replace.His excellent musical talent is obvious, and that's probably why the producers ask for Eason to sing the song.In early 2007, Eason Chan dedicated to Beijing shooting "love transfer" MV.“Love Call Transfer” is a way of how to get along with a couple,which is the Love freshness rule that Eason Chan,a good man,advocates with.In reality, marriage is not the end, but another new beginning. We must continue to learn to get along well with each other.   

Also, occasionally making a little romance for each other is very important.Eason Chan's soulful confession also contributes greatly to the popularity of the song in the market!

Many netizens have heard “Love Call Transfer”. They are feeling extremely.A netizen says the following passage:“In fact, everyone will be tired, just camouflage to protect themselves.Sometimes, like suffering from depression, you suddenly feel bad.Occasionally, like with autism,don't want to talk or move.If someone asks, they don't know how to answer them.Instead of pretending to be silent, just powerless to tell.Maybe everyone has a dead corner, they cannot walk out, others will not go in.I put the deepest secret there, you don't understand me.

I don't blame you.”Another netizen said:“I hope that one day the child asked who my father is your first love. I don't wear glasses,open already yellowing photos and letters, but the kitchen busy figure said, you see the child, she was there.”The song’s first part is about the aftertaste  after the separation,the second part is about the thoughts of melancholy, correct attitude climax is about searching for love right should have.It's the lyrics of life philosophy and the deep and appealing voice of Eason that arouses the resonance of netizens.

Eason Chan's “Love Call Transfer” is currently very high Downloads.In terms of feedback from China mobile.Love Call Transfer”this song will continue to continue to grow high!Consumers' love of the song is the biggest guarantee of downloads.At the same time, “Love Call Transfer” has already been ranked among the top of baidu's list, so it is possible to see how the “Love Call Transfer” is so popular in the market, which is likely to surpass Eason Chan's famous “Ten Years”.For the singer himself and his fans, it is undoubtedly a thing to be congratulated!

It's worth mentioning that Eason Chan's “Love Call Transfer” was listed as the 2007 push song by global music wireless.In the past year, universal music has introduced many fawell-know Chinese love songs, such as “Wolf In Sheep's Clothing”, “Have To Love”, “Hope”, “Lonely Shoal Cold”, “Serious Snow” and so on.Believe that “Love Call Transfer” will be the globe-trotting work of global music in 2007.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   jié hūn bìng bú  shì zhōng diǎn

Chinese: 结  婚    并   不  是    终    点 

English:Marriage is not the end.

The “结 婚” means “Marriage”. The “并 不 是” means “is not”. The “终 点”means “the end”.

Chen Chusheng And He Jie– “Past”– The Theme Song Of The TV Series “Husband And Wife”

2012 urban love and marriage, family parenting topic comedy “Couples” in February 16th prime time broadcast in Hunan TV, whose theme song “Past” also officially launched in the network recently.“Past”,write by Cang Yanbin and sang by Chen Chusheng, a songwriter, and the musician singer He Jie, is a warm duet song.

This is also the first cooperation of the two singers of Huayi music.Chen Chusheng's soulful interpretation with He Jie's sweet voice line, coupled with beautiful melody and the full lyrics is very touching.It is believed that many thousands of people,who Once in love, will love and hear that.

When more and more “DINK” appeared in the city, many marriage lovers are beginning to face the dark love, the conflict of the lack of the children, the life of the reintegration and so on.All sorts of trivial matters are beginning to ask the bottom line.

What is the power to support each other and keep going?Some familiar pictures are the scars that we can't bear to touch, or the beauty we all lost?It’s the “Past” that gives the answer.

It’s the song that slowly tells the emotional story in each person's heart–“If this life is like a journey, it will always be completed before it is completed. No one has ever doubted that it is worth it to wait for it to go away…”This is also the deepest feeling –The best thing is to have a hand and walk through it,that “Past”  brings to everyone.

Why do you choose “Past” in many sample songs?Chen Chusheng said that the song touched him deeply after listening to DEMO at the beginning.

He believes that both the melody and the lyrics are very beautiful, not only consistent with the mood of the drama. But also applies to the expression of various emotions in life.He Jie also said he liked the song very much.Recently, she has been dubbed the "love singer", and she also has a more pure and unique expression of emotion on the singing of the song.

It is reported that in another episode “Is Love Still”is also composed by Chen Chusheng,which is also a nostalgic song sung by Chen Chusheng.It is also included in the new album "addiction" which was released in 2011

“This is a city that does not belong to anyone. Every day there is a story of the joys and sorrows. There are too many people lost behind the busy city, so we all learn to cover each other”.It is Chen Chusheng, the most familiar, intimate and affectionate person in the world,that sings love to the bone with sentimental, affectionate, lingering, unhappy feelings.Not only has the “no one told you” style moved. But also joined Chen Chusheng years of accumulation and insights,which cause lyrics more mature.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   wǒ  men dōu xué huì xiāng hù yǎn shì

Chinese: 我    们    都  学   会    相    互 掩  饰

English: We all learn to cover each other.

The “我 们” means “We”. The “都” means “all”. The “学 会”means “learn to”.The “相 互” means “each other”.The“掩 饰”means “ cover”

After enjoying above 2 famous Chinese love songs, we would like to share another great popular Chinese song for you.The song gets much praise for its artistic conception.

“Don't Come Back In Autumn” Classic Reproduction, Wang Qiang Broadcast Unlocks Youthful Memories

In memory, the most fashionable mobile phone is still NOKIA,which cannot be broken at that time.The most popular game is not King glory, but running car.

The way we communicate is not freestyle, but secretly in the QQ space of people who love to leave a message.At that time, the network songs turned out to be hot for a while, and we happened to meet Wang Qiang's “Don't Come Back In Autumn”.

“Don't Come Back In Autumn” is a remake of the song, cover of “To Continued” Be Click-B of South Korea.“An autumn night, I walk alone in the old part of the city, gradually found that you have not in my side! Remembered when we were apart, you said, "Valentine's Day is coming back together," but there's no news.”“Don't Come Back In Autumn”. This popular single was created in such a bleak scene.

As if just overnight, Wang Qiang's “Don't Come Back In Autumn” fires all over the campus every corner.Boys basically will hum affectionately

A few pretend to love,. Also carry MP3 single cycle, looking forward to loving.It is remembered that the song “Don't Come Back In Autumn” dominated the music charts for ten consecutive weeks wireless champion, became the most popular song in 2006.The song was written by wang qiang after his breakup, and he had won numerous honors from the birth of song.First of all, Wang Qiang won many top public figures in 2006 by virtue of this song.

Then, at the first wireless music awards, he won the ten best selling Golden Melody Award of the year.He was also named by CCTV as one of the ten new singers of the year 2006 on the “Chinese Music TV”.“Don't Come Back In Autumn” resounded through the streets of 2006.

In the era of mobile phone ring bells,the song also rang all the mobile phone, even with all the way along with the time, ring into the cool dog music in 2017.Time will not come back, but the heart will move.Even if eleven years later, when familiar melody sounded, netizens in the cool dog comments in the message is still full of deep memories.

Some netizens say:“2003-2007 is the collective outbreak of pop songs for five years.In the history of the mainland, there will be a strong painting.Now, shooting star music has been very fickle compared to those years.”Although it is not possible to generalize,but indeed,the songs of that period gave people a sense of security,just like“Don't Come Back In Autumn”.Not too much rhetoric modification, no ups and downs of rhythm,it's just a summary of the feelings of life and the emotions of the heart,which is easy to get the approval of the majority of fans of friends.

Giving up his doctor's job cause of music's dream.Wang Qiang seemed to be in the spring of his musical career in 2006.However, Wang Qiang's previous brokerage company did not have enough ability to operate and promote his other music, and there was a serious problem of inaction and inaction.The development of the music industry just improved, but Wang Qiang had to move back to Beijing to start again.

Regardless of family opposition, recording the cover works by recording the “dreamer”, starting from the music path step by step, seems to be destined to face a pile of obstacles.But these difficulties did not let Wang Qiang give up his ideals and pursuits.Wang's insistence pushed him to create his masterpiece that people favour.

He sang the songs with the sound of magnetism,which sings the voice of the public.“Strong love song” has accompanied a generation for a long time.And because of his existence, not everyone's youth is called Jay Chou.

The boys grew up listening to his “The Man’s Love Song”, and the girls were relieved of his “Don't Cry”.Wang Qiang's song carry the memory of a generation of youth,and these youth are left in the corner of time.Fleeting time cannot take away everything, singer Wang Qiang returned with class.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   qiū tiān  bù huí lái

Chinese:  秋  天   不  回  来 

English:Don't come back in autumn.

The “不” means “Don't”. The “回 来” means “come back”. The “秋 天”means “autumn”.

After the introduction of three famous Chinese love songs,I wonder if you have the same feeling in the love journey.If you want to find more great Chinese songs and learn Chinese please follow us and we will provide more great things for you.

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