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The 3 Chinese Oldies Songs That Help You To Find Beautiful Love

Today, we would like to share the 3 Chinese Oldies Songs which is about a beautiful and passionate love story in China and we hope this article can help you understand the Chinese attitude towards love better.

The Song Stems From The Touching Of Love:Dive In Love by Fu Xinbo

Our website has many Chinese oldies songs in the past years. Today we would like to recommend a new song Dive In Love from a movie of the same name, which is performed by a male pop singer, Fu Xinbo. As his first single at the new company, it helped him win a lot of cheering from fans and admiration of the professionals.Many people are intoxicated with the desire to change friendship into a relationship when they heard the song.

Speaking of Fu’s new work, he has broken the mark that he used to be a youth icon.From the creation, to the arranger and his deductive, he sang in a more emotional and colorful voice instead of the paperback, to tell her that he is craving for her love. And his most emotional and infectious vocals have aroused the fans' infinite imagination and expectations of love in their early day. This is definitely an unreplaceable resonance.

Besides,Wang Zhiping, the gold producer of diva singers, joined in the team, that made the work even better. Especially in the aspect of lyrics, Wang used the most pure, fresh and sweet words and melody to devise the most romantic story. In addition, it subtly shows the characteristics and information of Cornetto in the song.And it fully shows better brand effect of the music, film and the Cornetto.By the way,it makes the movie.Dive In Love,become the information carrier of Cornetto,so that the audience can also understand the product characteristics and brings them a widely group of young customers.

As a microfilm’s theme song, or Fu’s return work, or the catchy melodies and songs itself, it’s enough to make it became the subject of many people during that time. Moreover, the film, which was cast by the popular icon Chen Bo-Lin, Kai Ko and Fu Xinbo, made the song the most high-profile and sought-after focus of the moment. When it launched, it caused a lot of fans’ online discussions which made it a good result for the spread of its online platforms.

At the same time, with the growing popularity of micro film and the song, I believe that will definitely make a lot of people knew the ice cream of Cornetto’s quality  through the sweetness of the song and movie; And the Cornetto company has made a strong popularity reserve through various offline public relations activities, and found a stronger spread of the brand and the Chinese new song for this down payment.

In this coming summer, with Fu’s new song,a lot of people will rediscover the sweetness and beauty which belong to love, also let many people have a good expectation for love again.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:  bīng jī líng kuài róng huà  le 

Chinese: 冰  激 凌    快     融   化 了

English: The ice cream is about to melt.

The “冰激凌” means the ice cream. The ”快” means “soon”, The “融化” means “melt”.

The Brand New Chinese Odies Song Butterfly Kisses By Gigi Leung

As you can see, we've already finished the song above, and we will recommend another remarkable  song for you.

Now, we will talk about Gigi Leung, who has not released a new song for a long time, launched her new song "butterfly kiss" in midsummer. The new song just like a magical breeze, can to disperse all the troubles and sadness. Even if you haven't noticed this woman before, you may fall in love with her because of this song, or some melody in the song.

Last year, when Gigi married a Spanish man in lightning, the public looked stunned, but after that, whether public or street photography has been captured by the media, her face always came up with a woman's unique satisfaction and she will always have a husband beside her, they are very sweet and admired. She showed a mature charm and happiness that girls couldn't compare. This new song is the most authentic portrayal of their love life.

Beyond that, Chet Lam, known as the musician. Is responsible for this new song’s creation. He is very good at capturing singer’s creators of the heart, with one of the most "Gigi Leung" method to describe the emotion, the flick melodious melody, and the sweet little lyrics, plus the tender flavor of the guitar, let listeners  immediately revelled in a sweet "Florence" type of scene, which only she can deduce perfectly, because that magical place was the beginning of their love.

In addition to the artistic conception of the song itself, the processing of many details also glorifies the song. With Gigi’s own tactfully hum and Chet lam’s gentle harmony, they complement each other, and there is an even more beautiful aesthetic, which gives the music a beauty that was never seen before.

Of course, the whole song is full of European romantic temperament, both guitar solo and the increase of the guitar-based, even if the song is not shooting the MV, we can also image a picture that a singing dancer of wild stand in a corner in Spanish, just dance singer of wild, but look at her carefully, you will not surprised to see Gigi Leung. The listener will be more addicted to the atmosphere which creates by Melody, unwilling to stop the song.

As a good starting point, Butterfly Kisses is the first single released by Gigi Leung’s new album, and it also makes people look forward to the upcoming album with other unknown happiness and sweetness. There is also the love song in the style of the girl next door type, but we couldn’t be sure if Gigi, who is married to a man now, will continue to be the kind of "coward" style, which makes people look forward to her performance. Regardless of whether she continues to play it or not, her new album is worth waiting for.

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:    shì jiè cóng  cǐ   bù yí  yàng  

Chinese:  世 界  从     此  不  一  样

English: The world has never been the same.

The “世界” means the world. The ”从此” means “from now on”, The “不” means “not”, The “一样” means “the same”.

The Sad Chinese Love Song  Come To The End By Lim Yee Chung

The song was released in 2013. It tells a sad story of a boy who gave up his beloved girl. For the first time he understood the pain of love.

After three years of precipitation, Lim Yee Chung, the creative writer from Malaysia, has returned to the music world with his new album preheating single, "come to the end".

If I meet an unforgettable lover, I will be careful. If I give you up, you can get a better life, then I'll just have to take the pain for granted. As the description of the song. If I don't have the talent to make you happier, if I just can't make you happier, then I will give you up, because all I want just your happiness… We can understand that how vulnerable are we, when we were in love.

For the first time, I got to know Lim Yee Chung from "the passing bride" and "the dry girl". Lim’s songs are usually euphemistic, the lyrics are so real, the fusion of the unique voice of Lim, formed his unique style, we called them “Lim’s love song”. Every song of him is very representative. Their emergence has undoubtedly brought a glimmer of life to the music market.

Maybe you love the rhythm of rock music, or maybe you're passionate about the "ancient" songs with national characteristics. But you might as well listen to Lin's Chinese love song, they'll let you wake up in a variety of nightclubs and remind you of that person, that thing, that feeling. Maybe it will help you find out who is the one you loved the most, and you will understand that you won't get it without giving up.


As a woman, the greatest wish in life is to have a lover who can hold forever, but if you ever fall in love with a man who has to leave you just because of loving you, then what would you do? Just don’t cry, because such an’ immature’ man is not worth your sorrow.

All of your little gestures can make him feel overwhelmed, they show their love for you all the time, they seem like the sunshine boy, that make you just want to protect them, and you would never know they have their own little secrets. If you have to choose between material and love, he will act on their own, and just give you up, and claimed that’s because he love you so much, so he is willing to bear the pain to watch you, the one he loved, walk down to another man’s embrace. Lim Yee Chung just shows us all of little secrets of the boy, who fell for someone, in the form of music.

It’s not hard to imagine that Lim Yee Chung is the boy in the song, I guess he had a similar emotional experience, and the wound has not healed yet, maybe he still into that beautiful woman. Because he deeply felt the pain that unable to speak, that’s why he can be the one who can grasp that weak emotion perfectly, so that he can write such a resonant song.

That make the song became an irreplaceable one in the history of Chinese Oldies Songs. Maybe our ex-boyfriends had the same thought too, so that we can think they leave us just because they love us so much, they think we will happier without them. Then you won’t be so upset about his leaving. This song can give us a reason to comfort ourselves.

Come To The End, as the Lim’s return to the music stage for three years, is no doubt to be another masterpiece of his healing love songs’ series. The melody of the song is euphemistic. When you listen to the story of the song, feel the music calmly, feel your heart slowly, it’s like the Gospel of nature, with the magical power that can wake you up from the blundering environment. Just like he was telling us an another feeling about love, a special, different one. From the melody to the lyrics, at first, it seems to be surrounded by a faint, helpless sadness, but later you will know there is a kind of determined persistence. 

Learn Chinese Time From This Song:

PinYin:   wǒ méi yǒu tiān fēn   ràng nǐ gèng  kuài  lè

Chinese:  我  没  有 天 分    让   你  更  快    乐

English: I don’t have the talent to make you happier.

The “我” means “me”. The ”没有” means “no”, The “天分”means “talent” .

The “让” means “allow”. The “你” means “you”. The ”更” means “more”, The “快乐” means “happy”.

After reading this article, maybe you have known that the 3 Chinese Oldies Songs are beautiful and great, and I hope that you can enjoy it and have fun. We all known that different people have their different views of love, it’s my pleasure to share these three songs with three special love stories. If you want to find more great Chinese songs and learn Chinese please follow us and we will provide more great things for you.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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