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The 3 Beautiful Chinese Songs In Chinese Music

China is a very big country with beautiful sceneries. It has four seasons here, mountains and rivers, and also various folk customs. Here are three beautiful Chinese songs to show you the beauty of China.

1. The South of Colorful Clouds (Chinese name is 彩云之南)

The south of colorful clouds is actually another name of Yunnan province. According to ancient books, it is said ancient Chinese people found a place located in the south of some beautiful clouds, and “Yun” means cloud in Chinese, and “nan” means south, so people call this place Yunnan. This song is describing the beautiful scenery in Yunnan province.

This song combines a variety of folk music elements of Yunnan, such as RAP and hip-hop, so that the song itself is full of sense of modern time. The lyrics and genre of the song contains the love of the producer and the singer for Yunnan's beauty. The whole song is of dynamic rhythm, high-pitched melody, with delicate and ethereal feelings. The singer Xu Qianya has a very beautiful and powerful voice. Her voice with the music well expresses the beauty and the spirit of Yunnan. 


2. I Love you, Saibei Snow (Chinese name is 我爱你塞北的雪)

I love you, Saibei snow is a song with beautiful lyrics. The lyrics were written by Wang De; the music was composed by Liu Xijin. The original version is sung by the famous blind singer Zhou Qihua, but this song was widely known in 1980. At that time, CCTV recorded this song into music video, and it was sung by Peng Liyuan. The look that Peng Liyuan was wearing a white sweater, with a large braid, singing in the snow, deeply touched many people.

In fact, the original version is sung by the famous Chinese blind singer Zhou Qihua (Zhou Qihua was blind since she was 16. In the early 60s of last century, she held several solo concerts, known as the " North Nightingale of China") However, the song began to become popular after Peng Liyuan sang it. She was shocked by the big impact of this song on Chinese people. Some Chinese and overseas Chinese often dropped their tears off when hearing this song. They said that this song reminded them of their hometown and their loved ones.

The song has both the northern and southern music elements, so it can be said to as a combination of north and south.

3. Boat Song of Wusuli River (Chinese name is 乌苏里船歌)

This song is full of the sense of life in the north of China. It used the music elements of the Northeast folk songs (Hezhen folk songs), reflecting that Hezhe people (Hezhe is a minority among Chinese people) live a happy and beautiful life, with a cheerful mood.

This is a new version sung by Chinese famous mezzo-soprano Jinagyang Zhuoma:

This is our shared beautiful Chinese songs today, and hope you will enjoy it.If you want to download those Chinese music what you want,you can visit our method page.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
I am a Chinese music lover, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for Chinese music with you. Through my love for Chinese music, I hope to connect with fellow enthusiasts and explore the beauty and depth of this incredible art form.


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