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The 10 Great Chinese Songs for Kids

Few days ago, we have shared the top 10 Chinese Songs in 2016 for you.In the new years, we would keep our work in finding more great Chinese songs for you.Also we will talk about more Chinese musical culture in every article.Just keep paying more attention to us and we will give the outstanding work to share the complete content for you.Today we will share more Chinese songs for kids for you.

You know that the kids are the best happiest crowd in our world.Of course, the song of them is full of happiness.You can teach your child to learn those songs and learn how to learn Chinese.

1. Worm Fly

The Chinese song is talking about how the worms fly in the dark sky and other bad entertainment.After striving, worms can see the rainbow in the sky.In fact, it also teach us to face bravely the difficulties and we can see all of those would pass and we will win.

2. Student

The song is an adaptation from a child's folk song and composed in the time that China got invaded by Japan. The difficult time is past but we can’t forget the war and lead us to avoid the war will happen again.Every child in China can learn this song when they study in the school.

3. Two Tiger

This Chinese kid song is translated from other countries.The version of this song is rich and various.In fact, many people change the lyrics of this song to suit the environment of themselves.But we still give the normal version to you to feel the connotation of this song.The two tigers will be the normal theme of this type song.

4. The Beautiful Big Cock

If you live in Chinese country, you can see the cock easily in the farmer’s home.You can find the cock in every farmer’s home.The cock always have the red come and bigger than the normal chicken.Chinese children like to play with the cock and chase them in the courtyard.In fact, it’s the best funny things for Chinese children’childhood.

5. Everything Goes well

At the beginning of every year, Chinese children will go to the home of their relatives and want the red packet.Before they get the red packet, they must say some words to the elder that help them get the red packet.Sometimes children will congratulate the elder that everything goes well.The song is just talking about the congratulations of the children.

6. Hit With Tigers in the Mountain

You can find that most of Chinese songs for kids is teaching the kids to learn something or help them feel the basic knowledge of the society.This song is teaching the children to learn count by counting the tiger.You know the kids like the animal specially the tiger.The song of tiger can hit the point of the child and help them learn something.

7. Merry Christmas

This song is helping the kids know the Western Festival Christmas.You know that help the children to distinguish the festival between Chinese new year and Christmas is very difficult.So we don’t do this and just tell them the Christmas like the new year in China.It is a famous Chinese Christmas song for kids to know more thing about the Christmas.

8. Mom is the Best in the World

The Chinese baby song is an old theme song which was from an ancient and sad film that talked about the story between the mom and her children in 1958.

The overview of this song is just talking about that the embrace of mom is the warmest embrace in the world.The embrace of mom is the haven of children when they face difficulties in their life.They would find comfort from their mom.

9. I Would Listen Your words

The song is just talking about that there is a child annoyed his mother.And his mother decided to desolate deliberately him.The child felt very sad and wants to win the attention of his mother.He thought again and again and decides to give up his toys and never annoy his mother.The process is very nauseous and moved.Hope you will love it.

10. Little White Boat

The classic Chinese kids song is describing that a little white boat wanders in the sky.Encouraging kids to image the beauty and peace screen.

Ok,we have shared 10 Chinese songs for kids for you.Maybe you can’t wait to share those with your children.Now, just do it for them.You can find the way to download those song for you children.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
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