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Which Chinese Restaurant Song Is The Most Popular In Chinese Restaurant?

Red Bean A Lovesickness Plant(红豆)

Chinese restaurant song is born because the Chinese are in great favor toward food. In ancient China, there is a famous saying that food is the paramount necessity of the people. And in China, food is valuable because of its enormous popularity and frequent wars. Thus, the song which praises food appears. Composers would like to use the name of food as their works title or themes.

The Introduction of Funny Chinese Songs In Chinese Music

The King Asked Me To Patrol The Mountain A Funny Catchy Song

Interesting, it's the antonym of uninteresting. Interesting concepts can be the interesting things, the interesting people, but also the positive emotions that can bring people joy.When you are not happy, some people coax you; when you cry, someone will do strange movements to tease you. You think it's funny. That's funny! And funny songs, just listening. can make people happy. Next, we'll introduce three funny Chinese songs, let's see how interesting it is.

The Most Famous Chinese Songs That Will Make You Homesick

To The Time We Lost A Poem Written By My Father By Xu Fei

When I was walking out of the building at 23:00, I noticed that it was raining, and the drizzle of the rain hit my face because I don’t have an umbrella. So I ran back to my dormitory quickly. At that time, I got a call from my mother. I stared at the cell phone screen, and my tears just ran down. I afraid my mother could detect my emotions.

So I can’t call back. I just don’t want her to worry about me, her daughter who was thousands of miles away. At that moment, I was feeling very homesick. I just missed my parents. And then I opened my music app, the melody of the most famous Chinese songs just rang which make me feel worse.

The Great Chinese Birthday Songs Help You Celebrating Birthday In Chinese Style

“Blessings Like The East China Sea”,A Phrase With A Double Meaning Offer Blessings

There are many Chinese birthday songs, such as Song Zuying's "Beautiful Mood" “Blessings like the East China Sea”, Zhang Yan's"Many Happy Events"," Happy wedding"," Liu Hegang’s"Have A Joyous Gathering.”and so on.These songs are blessed with some deep wishes or wishes.Today we are going to meet three famous Chinese birthday songs to meet the chinese how to put their wishes and wishes.

The 3 Great Chinese Songs For Chinese New Year To Get Good Luck

The Unique New Year's Song Congratulations By  Ko Yo Miracle

Today, we would like to share 3 representational songs from the Chinese new year song list with you. First of all, let me introduce you to the Chinese New Year, which is different from the western New Year. The Chinese New Year is called Spring Festival. It refers to the traditional Chinese New Year, commonly known as the "annual festival" ,which has a history of more than 4,000 years. 

The Best Chinese Music Online My Skating Shoes For You Free

The Best Chinese Music Online My Skating Shoes For You Free

In China, it still has many interesting songs like Chinese chicken song. Recently, interesting divine comedy My Skating Shoes come back to our eyes.But it is different that is organized to be sang by Hua Chenyu.The new Chinese music online has the excellent musicality and more infectious performance.

The Great New Chinese Songs At The Beginning Of 2017

The Great New Chinese Songs At The Beginning Of 2017

Before your reading we recommend you should know the basic things about Chineese  to get the basement about Chinese.

The Two Nice Chinese Songs

The Two Nice Chinese Songs

If there is anything that can accurately depict the passing of time, it is probably our tastes in music. Music is like a balm for the soul, and since people have lived, music has been an intrinsic part of our lives. No matter whether you are tone deaf or an amazing singer.

Funny Chinese Song:Kiss Me

Funny Chinese Song:Kiss Me

S.I.N.G girl’s music group is a collection that has the dreaminess.The full name is Super Impassioned Net Generation which has the strong feelings about the dream and proves that they aren’t the music group which relies on surface.Today we would introduce a funny Chinese song from them.

The Solo Concert of Yunyin Su:The Brightest Fashion of Chinese Music Circle

funny chinese song

In the Golden Melody Awards of this year, there are many old Chinese singers from Chinese mainland, like the Cui Jian, Susan Huang, Lee Kin.But the bright singer is Yunyin Su.She not only is the finalist of the ‘Best new act award’, but also the second Chinese singer from the Chinese mainland after Li Ronghao and the finalist of the ‘Best Mandarin female singer’.As a new singer who just a major debut, she is accepted by the Chinese music influential prize.Why she can get it?