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Nu Er Qing 女儿情 Young Girl’s Love Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Lin Jun Jie 林俊杰 JJ Lin

Chinese Song Name: Nu Er Qing 女儿情
English Tranlation Name: Young Girl's Love
Chinese Singer: Jie 林俊杰 JJ Lin
Chinese Composer: Xu Jing Qing 许镜清
Chinese Lyrics: Yang Jie 杨洁

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Which Chinese Restaurant Song Is The Most Popular In Chinese Restaurant?

Chinese restaurant song is born because the Chinese are in great favor toward food. In ancient China, there is a famous saying that food is the paramount necessity of the people. And in China, food is valuable because of its enormous popularity and frequent wars. Thus, the song which praises food appears. Composers would like to use the name of food as their works title or themes.

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Chinese Praise and Worship Songs Show Each-making Works In New Era In Chinese Music

Praise and worship songs are available in every country. Chinese praise and worship songs, certainly, have its own characters. China experienced a tough war period. After the victory of Anti-Japanese War in 1945, civil war in China exposed. Appearing the reversal of Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China in 1948, three campaigns broke out on the verge, including the Liaoshen Campaign, Huaihai Campaign and Pingjin Battle (three strategic battles).

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Covering About History Stories By Great Chinese Dance Songs

Chinese dance songs are enriching with the history. After a long war, emperor of the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC unified the six countries, set up the first multi-ethnic feudal totalitarian country which was mainly consists of Han nationality in the Chinese history.

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The Eternal Farewell Of The Ancient Chinese Songs

 China music has a long history. Fossils of the ancient ape discovered by Yunnan Yuan-Mou show that the ancient human beings had been working, living and breeding in China's land from about 1 million years ago. When the earliest humans began to produce primitive tools and collective labor, the original music began to sprout in the rhythm of their labor calls. In ancient literature about the legends of ancient Chinese songs, can be roughly divided into two categories: a class of accompanied in somebody’s name, such as the joy of Yin Kang, the joy of the Jain's, etc; The other is the ancient music of the emperors, such as Huang Di, Zhuan Xu, Emperor shun and Xia Yu.

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Chinese Hit Songs Use Chinese Style Rock Your World

 As we all know, every day even every hour a new song or an album will be released. But today, our topic is about Chinese hit Songs which means they are very popular and classic in China and we hope this article can give some valuable information to you, which can help you follow the latest musical trend, and be a trendsetter.

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Classic Chinese Music: Ambush From Ten Sides

Ambush from Ten Sides is a large pipa music with a historical theme. It is Chinese top ten ancient classic Chinese music . There is no definite theory about the creation of this kind of music. According to relative material, it can be traced back to Tang Dynasty, where Bai Juyi (772-846) lived.

He wrote a very famous long poem called Travel of Pipa, in which it can be found that Bai Juyi had heard about a performance of pipa music about intense fighting scenes.  

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Find Most Popular Chinese Songs in Chinese Modern Music

In the 21st century, with the development of IT industry, the arrival of the information age, Chinese pop music has entered a new stage of development, Chinese songs tend to be more internationalized.Today we would like to share most popular Chinese songs for you.


The Great Classic Chinese Songs In China

Embankments on the path, in the moonlight became desolate, and darted away to the distant spread, so I wander on this river bank and enjoy the melodious music which the elegant melody and the purity note, let the heart become transparent and clear. Today we would like to shart the interesting classic Chinese songs in China.

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Learn More Things About Chinese Old Music

Chinese old music has a long history in China. It refers to people use traditional Chinese instruments to solo and ensemble. From the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period, the popular folk music is mostly made by blooming, blowing Yu, drums and playing piano.