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Those Chinese Video Songs That Can Help You Learn Chinese

Chinese Video Songs 2

We have discussed a song with national characters. And there are additional factors that promoted Chinese songs develop. Among them, I am in favour of the Chinese songs with ancient factors. Learning Chinese has various ways such as learning by Chinese video songs. Most of popular music videos would like to cover ancient Chinese factors or traditional Chinese culture. This article can help you learn three songs and make you learn Chinese culture more interesting and easier.

The Two Great Chinese Video Songs In Today Chinese Tv Series

Su Nian

Recently, there are two popular TV series in China. One is about the love of fairies, and the other is love in ancient Tang Dynasty. They have both received great comments on their stories. Moreover, the China music in the TV series are also popular with Chinese people right now. here are the Chinese video songs.

The Two Special Chinese Girl Songs In China Song

Liang Jingru

Chinese girls like quiet and warm songs that express emotions. And there are many female singers here, and they have made many popular albums. As for my list of China Song for girls, it usually goes to Liang Jingru and Fan Weiqi. Their songs are comfortable to listen, and also the lyrics are warm and sweet. Here are two special Chinese girl songs from them.

The Great Chinese Buddha Songs List

The Great Chinese Buddha Songs List

Chinese Buddha music is the music and songs are often used during the religious ceremonies in the temples, which are mostly broadcasting among the followers of Buddhism. This kind of music has a main function of nourishing the souls and praising the Buddha, which lead the devout men and women to strengthen their faith.

Find Happy Birthday Songs in Chinese

happy birthday song in chinese

Few days ago, we have shared some great songs for you, you can click the word to visit them if you like.The topic of today is talking about some birthday songs from China.

Every country gets its tradition and its characteristic.English song lyrics ‘happy birthday to you’ can’t show the great and profound national culture and Chinese abundant feelings.