Wo Men Jie Hun Le 我们结婚了 We Got Married Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Ye Wen Hui 叶文辉 Barry Yip Fan Xuan Wei 范萱蔚 Percy Fan

Chinese Song Name: Wo Men Jie Hun Le 我们结婚了
English Tranlation Name: We Got Married 
Chinese Singer: Ye Wen Hui 叶文辉 Barry Yip Fan Xuan Wei 范萱蔚  Percy Fan
Chinese Composer: King 
Chinese Lyrics: A Zhi 阿芷

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The 3 Great Chinese Romantic Songs In Chinese song

Although Chinese are not openly romantic, but they still have their way to show romantic feeling, such as romantic songs. There three typical Chinese romantic songs:

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The Type of Chinese Love Songs for Wedding

Weddings are very exciting ceremonies for every couple who want to get married in the world. To hold a successful wedding, we should choose suitable songs to cultivate a certain atmosphere to lead our guests and also the lovers absorbed into the wedding. In different weddings, we may choose different styles of songs to outstand the topic. Today, three kinds of Chinese love songs for wedding will be introduced.

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Find The Great Chinese Wedding Songs For You

Chinese wedding ritual has lots of trivial formalities according to traditional customs. Most of them have been simplified nowadays. People could customize their wedding ceremony on the basis of Chinese traditional style, western style and the combination.Today we would like to share the Chinese wedding songs for you.