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The Chinese Song List Tell You Those Most Different Chinese Songs In Past China

The Lovely Song Of Girlfriends Another Me In The World By Amber Kuo And A Si

Unconsciously, November is coming soon. Let's review the new song released in October. We would like to share the most popular Chinese song list in October 2017. There are more than one hundred new songs were published in this month, and next, we'll introduce the top three songs of the song list.

The Great Chinese Buddha Songs List

The Great Chinese Buddha Songs List

Chinese Buddha music is the music and songs are often used during the religious ceremonies in the temples, which are mostly broadcasting among the followers of Buddhism. This kind of music has a main function of nourishing the souls and praising the Buddha, which lead the devout men and women to strengthen their faith.

The Collection of Andy Lau Songs List

Andy Lau

Andy Lau, a well-known Chinese actor, singer, producer, business man and philanthropist who achieved great success in every field he devoted. Andy’s voice is mellow and full of sensibility. He is skilled in interpreting a lyric song, and now let’s have a glance at his songs.We prepare a Andy Lau songs list for you.