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Learn Chinese With Top Chinese Karaoke Songs Help You Learn Well

A Romantic Love Song Sunshine By Jay Chou

Karaoke is a Japanese-English miscellaneous name. In Japan, Kara means "empty". Ktv originated in Japan, from the early days in the tavern to “karaoke “, Kara is the Japanese “empty” meaning, and “ok” is the pronunciation of the first word of the English " orchestra”, the Japanese character makes the word " karaoke" is the meaning of the band, then came to Taiwan, the karaoke in the room, and named KTV, k for karaoke the first word, TV for MTV.

The Chinese Best Song Streets Sang By Song Xu In January 2017

The Chinese Best Song Streets Sang By Song Xu In January 2017

Few days ago, we have shared more best Chinese songs of Wang Feng for you.But most of them are Chinese rock music.Today we would want to share a pure Chinese best song that is full of Chinese wind.

Chinese Sad Song: Bruise By Z-Chen(淤青)

Chinese Sad Song: Bruise By Z-Chen

When the melody of Bruise rings out, the news comes as a surprise.We still love the Chinese sad song The Person Don’t Love Me.It’s great that you can enjoy the two great cure love songs in the vast stage of Z-Chen.

Top 11 Popular Chinese Songs In Chinese Modern Music

Popular Chinese Songs In Chinese Modern

When the new year is coming, we have shared some great classic Chinese new year songs for you.This year is 2017 and our website will be kept updating more great Chinese music for you and you can find more Chinese songs in our website.Hope can keep paying more attention to our website.

The New Album of Joi Chua: It Must Be Happy that Has Sound From Chua +

inspiring Chinese songs

Before we share the new love song for you, please remember you can find the Chinese song download way in our website.Due to the copyright. We can’t offer the source for you but we can provide the legal way help you download them.