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The Top 3 Old Popular Chinese Songs In Chinese Music

Thankful Heart By FeiFei Ou-Yang 

Our website has shared various Chinese marvelous songs before, today we will share the top 3 old popular Chinese songs, we hope you can learn a lot and they will be helpful for you to learn Chinese.

Chinese Buddhist Song Show Dramatic Religion Across Ancient China

Six Words Mantra The Shortest Philosophy

Buddhist music is one of the most significant parts in Chinese music. Chinese Buddhist song acts as a precious cultural heritage among Chinese ethnic people. As a religion, Buddhist mixes artic music and spreads by it rapidly. And music never makes the Buddhist disappointed because of its diffusivity. Inflection of music is fiercer than other mediums.

The Best Chinese Songs of Wang Feng in Chinese Rock Music

The Best Chinese Songs of Wang Feng in Chinese Rock Music

As a musician who not only sings but also composes, it must be good at creating more great work to exist in the music circle and win the honor in the music market.Today we are willing to share some best Chinese songs from Wang Feng who is a great musician that is not only good at singing but also in composition.

The Two Great Old Chinese Love Songs In Chinese Music

The Two Great Old Chinese Love Songs In Chinese Music

With the time passing, many great song become old but still great.In old times, we have listened to a lot of old Chinese love songs which are popular with not only Chinese people but also foreign people.We shared  those Chinese love songs are as follows for you.

The Best Chinese Famous Song Legend of the Dragon

The Best Chinese Famous Song In Chinese Music

We all know that dragon is the symbol of the Chinese nation, so we are all the descendants of the dragon. And there is one of the Chinese famous song in china called Legend of The Dragon. The Legend of the Dragon was composed by Hou DeJian in 16th,December, 1978. He first sang it in Sprig Festival Gala Evening in1988 and then it became popular.

Learn More Things About Chinese Old Music

Folk songs

Chinese old music has a long history in China. It refers to people use traditional Chinese instruments to solo and ensemble. From the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period, the popular folk music is mostly made by blooming, blowing Yu, drums and playing piano.

Find Great Chinese Dynasties Songs In Chinese History

Find Great Chinese Dynasties Songs In Chinese History

Chinese dynasties songs starts in 960 and ending in 1279, the Song Dynasty consisted of the Northern Song (960-1127) and the Southern Song (1127-1279). With a prosperous economy and radiant culture, this period was considered as another period of 'golden age' after the glorious Tang Dynasty (618 – 907).Northern Song was founded by Zhao Kuangyin, a military general in the Latter Zhou (951 – 960). In 960, Zhao Kuangyin launched a mutiny in Chenqiao county ( current Henan Province). Southern Song was set up by Zhao Gou, son of the last emperor of Northern Song.

The Overview of Chinese Old Songs

Chinese Old Songs

For people who favor Chinese old song or Chinese classic music, a string of melodies or rhythms may jump up into their mind when it was mentioned. However, for most people, Chinese classic music is elusive, and it is hard to appreciate comparing with pop music. Good music can connect with emotions and elicits abundant feelings about the one’s bottom of heart, which is especially true for Chinese classic music. Besides, Chinese classic music can also improve one’s imagery thinking and refine one’s disposition.

The Solo Concert of Yunyin Su:The Brightest Fashion of Chinese Music Circle

funny chinese song

In the Golden Melody Awards of this year, there are many old Chinese singers from Chinese mainland, like the Cui Jian, Susan Huang, Lee Kin.But the bright singer is Yunyin Su.She not only is the finalist of the ‘Best new act award’, but also the second Chinese singer from the Chinese mainland after Li Ronghao and the finalist of the ‘Best Mandarin female singer’.As a new singer who just a major debut, she is accepted by the Chinese music influential prize.Why she can get it?