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Chinese Songs Guitar Chords: Various As Time, Same In Currency

Anita Miu A Popular Adaption for Guitar Chords in 90s

The guitar is a popular instrument. Compared to the piano, it had the characteristics of low price, convenient to be carried and easy to learn. It is suitable for both young and old. It cannot only be used for accompaniment but also solo. Thus, it is loved by the musicians. Chinese songs guitar chords are born when the guitar spreads into China. Guitar becomes one of the most popular instruments in China. Teenagers begin to learn it by themselves or have course in school. How did this popular musical instrument come into being? How did it develop and evolve?

The Best Chinese Remix Song For A Day By Chace & Moksi

The Best Chinese Remix Song For A Day By

Remix songs first appeared around the late 1960s and early 1970s in New York City. Until recently the remix songs are accepted by our Chinese people. Especially the younger generation. I've always been a fan of remix songs, have heard lots of remix songs. Today let me introduce you a rising remix star and his Chinese remix song-For A Day.

The 10 Best Chinese Love Songs In China Song

The 10 Best Chinese Love Songs In China Song

The word “love”, as one of the greatest writers defined: “it is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth”  is an eternal theme in our lives arousing strong feelings. And love songs are very popular ways to express such romantic feelings between lovers. Here is a list of the 10 best Chinese love songs.

What Can We See From Chinese Music Charts

What Can We See From Chinese Music Charts

No doubt that in the multimedia time, we can encounter diverse music charts in different forms, there are numbers of separate institutions, academies, online radio program and TV station to figure out a music ranking annually, even in each quarter. We can also not set up a unified ranking list to evaluate the best and most popular Chinese songs. what can we see from  Chinese music charts?

Find Some Popular And Great Chinese Signers In China For You

Cui Jian was called as “Father of Chinese Rock and Roll”

Speak of Chinese music, its history could be traced back to ancient times. China owned kinds of unique instruments thousands of years ago. Music was played at the time of holy ceremony such as sacrifice to heaven or entertainment for both emperor and farmers. Generally speaking, music served for ruling or upper class mainly in ancient times.Today we will introduce some great Chinese singers for you.

The Overview of Chinese Music

Music of China

According to the Chinese literature, Chinese music traces back to the Yellow Emperor times.From the discovery of Chinese archaeology, China music tracks back to 7,000 years ago.Chinese nation creates the abundant musical culture in its thousands of years.