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The Great Chinese Nursery Songs Tell You Something Interesting About Chinese Children

Nie Er’s Name And His Works “The Song Of Selling Newspaper”

Nursery songs accompany us to rise when we were kids. Although we seldom listened to these nursery songs after we grew up, we can’t help to memorize because of the familiar rhythm of the song. Today, we want to share 3 Chinese nursery songs with you, which are extremely popular and hot among Chinese children.By reading this article, we believe that you can know more cultures of Chinese music and the stories behind the songs.

The Great Chinese Birthday Songs Help You Celebrating Birthday In Chinese Style

“Blessings Like The East China Sea”,A Phrase With A Double Meaning Offer Blessings

There are many Chinese birthday songs, such as Song Zuying's "Beautiful Mood" “Blessings like the East China Sea”, Zhang Yan's"Many Happy Events"," Happy wedding"," Liu Hegang’s"Have A Joyous Gathering.”and so on.These songs are blessed with some deep wishes or wishes.Today we are going to meet three famous Chinese birthday songs to meet the chinese how to put their wishes and wishes.

3 Chinese Kids Song Help You Children To Get A Reflection of China

The Ocean is My Town Positive Spirit to People, Better wish  to Motherland

Kids song is used to show children life and they are suitable with children’s beauty-appreciation. Chinese kids song has a long history. It was seeded in scholar songs originally such as the Song of My Homeland, Spring Outing, Farewell and The Yellow River. Then, other music cultures from western countries had greatly influenced in scholar songs.

The Best Chinese Song for Kids Throw The Handkerchief

The Best Chinese Song for Kids Throw The Handkerchief

Hello everybody! How did you spend your childhood? Have you ever had a song which accompanied with you in your children life? Today l will introduce you Chinese song for kids-Throw The Handkerchief(丢手绢(Diu Shou Pa)).

What The Best Chinese Kid Song Do You Like?

What The Best Chinese Kid Song Do You Like?

Chinese Kid song takes young children as the main target and it’s a kind of short poetry with the flavor of the folk songs. Also it is one of the oldest and most basic forms of children's literature. When the children sing the kid songs, the beautiful melody, harmonious rhythm and sincere feelings can give them the enjoyment in beauty and emotional influence. For children, Singing is the process of expressing emotion.

The 10 Great Chinese Songs for Kids

The 10 Great Chinese Songs for Kids

Few days ago, we have shared the top 10 Chinese Songs in 2016 for you.In the new years, we would keep our work in finding more great Chinese songs for you.Also we will talk about more Chinese musical culture in every article.Just keep paying more attention to us and we will give the outstanding work to share the complete content for you.Today we will share more Chinese songs for kids for you.

Chinese Kid Song:Worm Fly

Chinese kids song :Worm Fly

The most memorable time is the one that we haven’t got anything on earth to worry about.The Chinese kids song play an important role in our childhood memory.That’s why we have the part of song in our website.