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Ni Tai Chang Kuang 你太猖狂 Missing You Lyrics 歌詞 with Pinyin By Tian Fu Zhen 田馥甄 Hebe

Ni Tai Chang Kuang 你太猖狂 Missing You Lyrics 歌詞 with Pinyin By Tian Fu Zhen 田馥甄 Hebe

Chinese Song Name: Ni Tai Chang Kuang 你太猖狂
English Tranlation Name: Missing You
Chinese Singer: Tian Fu Zhen 田馥甄 Hebe
Chinese Composer: Lin Xi 林夕  Chen Xiao Xia 陈晓霞
Chinese Lyrics: Lin Xi 林夕  Chen Xiao Xia 陈晓霞

Xin Tai Ruan 心太软 Let Him Go Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Ren Xian Qi 任贤齐 Richie Jen

Xin Tai Ruan 心太软 Let Him Go Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Ren Xian Qi 任贤齐 Richie Jen

Chinese Song Name: Xin Tai Ruan 心太软
English Tranlation Name: Let Him Go
Chinese Singer: Ren Xian Qi 任贤齐 Richie Jen
Chinese Composer: Xiao Chong 小虫
Chinese Lyrics: Xiao Chong 小虫

How To Say Happy Birthday In Chinese Song With Your Friends

The Theme Song Of The Movie Happy Birthday By Rene Liu(Chinese Name is 生日快乐)

Look at the title and you can see what we're up to today.Yep, we will share some Chinese songs about birthday. As we know, birthday is a day when one is born. Traditional Chinese people use a lunar calendar for birthdays, and children's first birthday is called "one year old". There are various customs. The birthday of the elderly is called the birthday, and the age of 50 is called the great life. In Chinese tradition, we eat longevity noodles on birthday and receive the birthday wishes and presents from family and friends. With the introduction of Western culture, many people used the Gregorian calendar to calculate birthdays, and the celebration was changed to cake and candles.

Three Famous Chinese Pop Songs of Eason Chan Take You In Chinese World

Your Backpack(Chinese Name is 你的背包)

Eason Chan is one of the iconic figures in Hong Kong's mainstream music scene and has been hailed as a successor to Jacky Cheung.He experienced a process from commercial to non business.He was recognised by more people because of popular songs. After becoming famous, he gradually changed people's understanding of popular songs with music, so let me introduce some of the famous Chinese pop songs.

The Chinese Song Online For The Moment In Chinese Music

The Memories Of Youth Face Without Makeup By Vae Xu(素颜)

Today we are going to share some Chinese song online with you. Online song is new form of music along with the generation of mp3, flash in the recent years. All kinds of online songs are spread over the Internet and can be accessed on the Internet. The threshold of online song is very low, all kinds of songs sung by netizens can be uploaded online, its openness, fashion, popularity and interactive, circulation and personalized features, which form the unique expressive form of music itself. Online music is equally a part of music, a product of The Times. The popularity and dissemination of it have a ununderestimated influence on the development of music.

The Andy Lau Song List Bring You Back To Final Glory Of Hong Kong Movie

Let Sing The Heart Words Of Wastrel

Hong Kong is the world's third largest film industrial base (after Hollywood and Bollywood) and the second largest film exporter (after the United States). Hong Kong film really entered the "golden age" in 1988, just three years after Andy Lau's foray into the world of music. In that time, Andy Lau had just achieved some success in the singing world, who was nominated for best new actor at the 2nd Hong Kong film awards, and Andy was prolific, making thirteen films a year. We could see that Andy’s singing and acting career was neck and neck at that time. So today we would like to share an Andy Lau song list, which can take you back to the glory of the Hong Kong film.

The Top 3 Old Popular Chinese Songs In Chinese Music

Thankful Heart By FeiFei Ou-Yang 

Our website has shared various Chinese marvelous songs before, today we will share the top 3 old popular Chinese songs, we hope you can learn a lot and they will be helpful for you to learn Chinese.

Learn Minnan Culture From Chinese Hokkien Song Help You Live In South Fujian

“The Close Father-Son Relationship” By Lei Xie And Xiao Yu Xie Expresses Love

If you guys visit our websites often, you can find out we will share lots of style songs with you. Today we would like to share Chinese hokkien song which is very popular in China and we hope this article can give some valuable information to you, which can help you understand the profound Chinese traditional culture better.

Falling In Love With The Top Chinese Love Songs In Chinese Music

The Secret Love That I Can’t Tell You Love With All My Heart By Leslie Cheung

Love is an integral part of human nature, and is the eternal theme of our life. Buddha said that the real love of the world is to love someone: to see the world through each other's eyes; to think about the world from the other side; and learn to experience each other's body and feelings, and let altruism spread in love. But it's hard to find the right person. Some people have never been able to find their true love. As for me, true love is just like this, without an early step, or a step later, just in the right time to meet the right one.

Chinese Melody Songs Calm Your Mind And Get Peace

“Medals” By Lu Han Teaches You To Fight

There are plenty of things that can benefit from listening to music. Music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat, with faster beats bringing sharper concentration and more alert thinking, and a slower tempo promoting a calm, meditative state. Tuning in to one of your favorite songs can be incredibly soothing and help to reduce anxiety. And today our goal is to share Chinese melody songs with you and hope you can relax yourself from hard work.