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The Most Famous Chinese Songs That Will Make You Homesick

To The Time We Lost A Poem Written By My Father By Xu Fei

When I was walking out of the building at 23:00, I noticed that it was raining, and the drizzle of the rain hit my face because I don’t have an umbrella. So I ran back to my dormitory quickly. At that time, I got a call from my mother. I stared at the cell phone screen, and my tears just ran down. I afraid my mother could detect my emotions.

So I can’t call back. I just don’t want her to worry about me, her daughter who was thousands of miles away. At that moment, I was feeling very homesick. I just missed my parents. And then I opened my music app, the melody of the most famous Chinese songs just rang which make me feel worse.

The Best Chinese Famous Song Legend of the Dragon

The Best Chinese Famous Song In Chinese Music

We all know that dragon is the symbol of the Chinese nation, so we are all the descendants of the dragon. And there is one of the Chinese famous song in china called Legend of The Dragon. The Legend of the Dragon was composed by Hou DeJian in 16th,December, 1978. He first sang it in Sprig Festival Gala Evening in1988 and then it became popular.

Famous Chinese Song: Chengdu By Zhao Lei

Famous Chinese Song: Chengtu By Zhao Lei

Today we would introduce a famous Chinese song and  Chinese folk song Chengdu .In fact, in the past 2016, you can hear the song when you walk at the street and found out how hot about this song.Chengdu  is also a city in Sichuan province.