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Nu Er Qing 女儿情 Young Girl’s Love Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Lin Jun Jie 林俊杰 JJ Lin

Chinese Song Name: Nu Er Qing 女儿情
English Tranlation Name: Young Girl's Love
Chinese Singer: Jie 林俊杰 JJ Lin
Chinese Composer: Xu Jing Qing 许镜清
Chinese Lyrics: Yang Jie 杨洁

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3 Chinese Classic Songs That Tell You Which Chinese Music is Great

We have introduced Chinese classic songs last time. As we know, classic songs are varied in styles and each song has its own memorizing story. Let’s read the story behind three songs below. And which music is great will be told.


The Great Classic Chinese Songs In China

Embankments on the path, in the moonlight became desolate, and darted away to the distant spread, so I wander on this river bank and enjoy the melodious music which the elegant melody and the purity note, let the heart become transparent and clear. Today we would like to shart the interesting classic Chinese songs in China.

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4 Classic Chinese New Year Songs

Chinese new year song is a way to express people’s happiness and wishes for a new year in China. It helps us cultivate a phenomenon suitable for people to celebrate the festival. China, as a country with great population, also loves new year songs when it comes to the spring festival. In China, people always give good wishes about love, family, luck, wealth and health when they greet each other during the spring festival, and the government values the importance of Chinese traditional culture. Accordingly, Chinese new year songs are mainly about the development of the country, the reunion and harmony of families, good fortune, wealth and health. Sometimes, they describe the beautiful sceneries of the coming spring, for spring represents hope and future. Here are 4 classic ones.