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The Great Chinese Birthday Songs Help You Celebrating Birthday In Chinese Style

“Blessings Like The East China Sea”,A Phrase With A Double Meaning Offer Blessings

There are many Chinese birthday songs, such as Song Zuying's "Beautiful Mood" “Blessings like the East China Sea”, Zhang Yan's"Many Happy Events"," Happy wedding"," Liu Hegang’s"Have A Joyous Gathering.”and so on.These songs are blessed with some deep wishes or wishes.Today we are going to meet three famous Chinese birthday songs to meet the chinese how to put their wishes and wishes.

Find Happy Birthday Songs in Chinese

happy birthday song in chinese

Few days ago, we have shared some Christian Songs for you, you can click the word to visit them if you like.The topic of today is talking about some birthday songs from China.

Every country gets its tradition and its characteristic.English song lyrics ‘happy birthday to you’ can’t show the great and profound national culture and Chinese abundant feelings.