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Covering About History Stories By Great Chinese Dance Songs

Chinese dance songs are enriching with the history. After a long war, emperor of the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC unified the six countries, set up the first multi-ethnic feudal totalitarian country which was mainly consists of Han nationality in the Chinese history.

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The Eternal Farewell Of The Ancient Chinese Songs

 China music has a long history. Fossils of the ancient ape discovered by Yunnan Yuan-Mou show that the ancient human beings had been working, living and breeding in China's land from about 1 million years ago. When the earliest humans began to produce primitive tools and collective labor, the original music began to sprout in the rhythm of their labor calls. In ancient literature about the legends of ancient Chinese songs, can be roughly divided into two categories: a class of accompanied in somebody’s name, such as the joy of Yin Kang, the joy of the Jain's, etc; The other is the ancient music of the emperors, such as Huang Di, Zhuan Xu, Emperor shun and Xia Yu.

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Chinese Songs Guitar Chords: Various As Time, Same In Currency

The guitar is a popular instrument. Compared to the piano, it had the characteristics of low price, convenient to be carried and easy to learn. It is suitable for both young and old. It cannot only be used for accompaniment but also solo. Thus, it is loved by the musicians. Chinese songs guitar chords are born when the guitar spreads into China. Guitar becomes one of the most popular instruments in China. Teenagers begin to learn it by themselves or have course in school. How did this popular musical instrument come into being? How did it develop and evolve?

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Learn Chinese With Top Chinese Karaoke Songs Help You Learn Well

Karaoke is a Japanese-English miscellaneous name. In Japan, Kara means "empty". Ktv originated in Japan, from the early days in the tavern to “karaoke “, Kara is the Japanese “empty” meaning, and “ok” is the pronunciation of the first word of the English " orchestra”, the Japanese character makes the word " karaoke" is the meaning of the band, then came to Taiwan, the karaoke in the room, and named KTV, k for karaoke the first word, TV for MTV.

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Chinese Folk Song Live A More Than Desultory Life Sang by Xu Wei

The new song Live a More Than Desultory Life of Xu Wei become very popular when it comes up.It’s greatest of literary, poetry, melody and grasps accurately the target audience.This Chinese folk song raised a big splash which made the people have the impulsion to loop up at the starlit sky in the time of being the feelings.But the jollification is theirs. I don’t have nothing.


The Overview of Chinese Music

According to the Chinese literature, Chinese music traces back to the Yellow Emperor times.From the discovery of Chinese archaeology, China music tracks back to 7,000 years ago.Chinese nation creates the abundant musical culture in its thousands of years.

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China Song Instrument Introduction:Pipa

Welcome to China song instrument Introduction time!The article will be the last instrument introduction of China music.If you want to read the other article about China instrument,you can click the China song instrument.Hope you can learn more about those articles.

If you want to find more great Chinese instrument, you can

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China Song Instrument Introduction:Guqin

Welcome to China song instrument introduction again.We have learned more China music instrument in the past few days, like the bamboo flute,Chinese zither,cucurbit flute and erhu.If you never read those articles before,we will recommend you to find the more interesting thing from them.And today we will introduce the other famous instrument in China.That’s the guqin.

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China Song Instrument Introduction:Erhu Fiddle

The new China song instrument introduction is coming!Today we will learn something about the instrument: erhu.Erhu first appeared in Song Dynasty (A.D.960-1279).But others think its origin would be dated to the Tang Dynasty (A,D,618-907).Nonetheless, we think the instrument was introduced to China and was called “Ji Qin ”.

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China Song Instrument Introduction:Cucurbit Flute

Cucurbit flute(also can call bottle gourd silk, bottle gourd xiao, hulusi, and the Dai language call it as bilangdao) is the instrument of the Yunnan Province national minority.It exists in Dai, Yi, Achang, Deang national minority.Its tone is soft but fine and smooth, round but plain, and full of expressive power/