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Ta He Ta 他和她 He And She Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Chinese Song Name: Ta He Ta 他和她
English Tranlation Name: He And She 
Chinese Singer:  Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng
Chinese Composer:  Unknown
Chinese Lyrics:  Unknown

Ta He Ta 他和她 He And She Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

 yǒu yì wǎn ya tā hé tā 
有  一 晚  呀 他 和 她 
One night he and she
āi ya ya   zhēn ròu má 
哎 呀 呀   真   肉  麻 
Ah ah ah real flesh and blood
tā ya tā   yào wěn tā 
他 呀 他   要  吻  她 
He — he wanted to kiss her
āi ya   chě chě yòu lā lā 
哎 呀   扯  扯  又  拉 拉 
Ah, pull, pull, pull
fáng lǐ xiào hā hā 
房   里 笑   哈 哈 
Room laugh ha ha
huǒ shān yào bào zhà 
火  山   要  爆  炸  
The volcano is going to explode
kàn jiàn tā bào tā 
看  见   他 抱  她 
See him hug her
xiàng bào gè yáng wá wa 
像    抱  个 洋   娃 娃 
Like holding a baby
yǒu yì tiān   tā hé tā 
有  一 天     他 和 她 
One day he and she
āi ya ya   qù wán shuǎ 
哎 呀 呀   去 玩  耍   
Hey, hey, hey, go play
zhàn qǐ lái   kàn yi kàn 
站   起 来    看  一 看  
Stand up and have a look
fēng liú sī jī gān shén me 
风   流  司 机 干  什   么 
What's the wind turbine doing
yú ér bú shàng gōu 
鱼 儿 不 上    钩  
The fish will not catch
tā xīn yuán yì mǎ 
他 心  猿   意 马 
He has a heart for horses
xiǎo gǒu ér chī cù 
小   狗  儿 吃  醋 
Little dogs eat vinegar
jiù bú ràng tā wěn tā 
就  不 让   他 吻  她 
I wouldn't let him kiss her
tā yǐ jīng shuì zháo lā 
她 已 经   睡   着   啦 
She has fallen asleep
tā xiǎng yào wǎng shàng pá 
他 想    要  往   上    爬 
He wanted to climb up
wǒ cāi tā xiǎng xué wǒ 
我 猜  他 想    学  我 
I guess he wants to copy me
xué wǒ xiǎo shí qí mù mǎ 
学  我 小   时  骑 木 马 
Ride a wooden horse like I did when I was a child
làng huā ya làng huā 
浪   花  呀 浪   花  
Wave flower, wave flower
liǎng rén dōu ài tā 
两    人  都  爱 它 
Both loved it
ài qíng kuài róng huà 
爱 情   快   融   化  
Love melts quickly
dà hǎi làng jiù le tā 
大 海  浪   救  了 她 
Big waves saved her

Some Great Reviews About Ta He Ta 他和她 He And She

Listener 1: "It seems like we all meet a girl who will tolerate everything about you and tell you that it is love, but you are separated. Then you meet another person, she is coquetty, capricious, you learned in the ex of gentleness, tolerance is applied to her… And then you miss the girl who taught you to love."

Listener 2: "Do you throw yourself into the crowd to hide your loneliness and solitude? Then in order to hide your weak heart. Will you walk to the corner of the city? Then when you are lonely and lonely, whether you will look at the planet, you will notice that there is a fragile heart, and you. They're all looking at the same planet. The hearts of both of you will throb inexplicably. But you know what? You two could be living in the same city, in the same building. But neither knew it. Are you afraid to face alone, dusk and fragile? Late at night, you want to share your loss with it. But you don't know. The distance between the two of you is between two or three Windows. You and its heart although different, but are lonely. So two lonely hearts. They drift together in the same city. But unfortunately, your hearts did not meet and meet."

Listener 3: "Meeting is also doomed, and missing is also doomed. Between people, we see one side less than the other. When we no longer see you, it is because the fate has ended.”

Listener 4: "Teresa Teng's music combines eastern and Western musical elements, fuses national and popularity, and creates her own singing style, which has influenced many famous singers of later generations. Gas voice is an important singing feature of Teresa Teng. On this basis, she has formed a unique delicate and subtle vibrato and a characteristic cry voice. She absorbed the articulation process of Chinese folk songs and operas, in which she paid attention to writing, rhyming and voice closing. She was good at using appoggion, Boing, glide and other embellishing techniques to express the different charms of songs, forming a euphemistic, refreshing, beautiful and fluent singing style full of national characteristics.”

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