Sing the Beginner’s Mind of Rock in the Easy Time: No Ask By Tan Weiwei

No Ask By Tan Weiwei

Many people said that this time doesn’t need to rock anymore. Or the rock have become a restless musical style simply go away with the original intention to rebel the regular lift.Indeedly, from the point of view, most of rock music have lost their beginner’s mind and become a technology flow in the rich society.

For example, there is less practical significance of the rock works nowdays or even the spirit of suspicion critical color.Whether it’s in any social formation, it still needs the power of culture to think, to suspect,to criticize.Because it’s the power of the society development.Of rock music, it’s the beginner’s mind.Just the rich society rubdown the corner angle of most of the people that less singer will take their beginner’s mind to sing.And they worthy to be respected.

Tan Weiwei is a rare singer who has this beginner’s mind.She is good at all of the popular style, even the Chinese folk song.But she still has a restless heart and likes a beast in a room.And don’t surrender, not satisfy to sing the Chinese popular songs.Finally, She chooses the Chinese rock song to the outlet.

When she in “Tan Mou Mou” times, she completely hug the rock and break with the past herself.After completing the self-indentification, She begins to sing some rock song, Like the Play, Dark will be Bright.

Tan Weiwei ‘s new work No Ask is the theme song of the movie Time Raiders.It begins to have the thought to the society, history.This ‘s a different angle for her to see the world.Through the lyric, the Chinese mainland Yue YI point the law of the history within the new angle.

The “Chinese style” song should add the Chinese traditional musical instrument itself.But No Ask use all of the rock to show its hot blood.

Tan Weiwei still show her explosive power in this song and control her voice that lets others don’t have any word to say.To Tan, we can’t use the normal singer standard to measure her.We expect she can surpass over her talent and sing more Chinese song that has a big field.Under the rich society, people hope Tan can keep her music style and take the critical spirit to sing the world.

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