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Si Xiang Zhi 思想枝 Love Branch Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Chinese Song Name: Si Xiang Zhi 思想枝
English Tranlation Name: Love Branch
Chinese Singer:  Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng
Chinese Composer:  Unknown
Chinese Lyrics:  Unknown

Si Xiang Zhi 思想枝 Love Branch Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Deng Li Jun 邓丽君 Teresa Teng

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

rì tóu chū lái ā  mǎn tiān hóng 
日 头  出  来  啊 满  天   红   
The sun is rising and the sky is red
fāng liáo guò qù shì fēng gǎng   āi yō wèi 
枋   寮   过  去 是  枫   港     哎 哟 喂  
Fangliao used to be Fenggang Ouch hey
āi yō wèi 
哎 哟 喂  
Hey hey hey
āi yō   tòng téng wǒ xiǎo mèi shì zuò gōng rén 
哎 哟   痛   疼   我 小   妹  是  做  工   人  
Ouch, my little sister is a worker
āi yō wèi 
哎 哟 喂  
Hey hey hey
sī xiǎng zhī 
思 想    枝  
Thought to branch
héng chūn guò le ā  shì chē chéng 
恒   春   过  了 啊 是  车  城    
Hengchun past ah is the car city
huā yán qiǎo yǔ bú ài tīng shì   āi yō wèi 
花  言  巧   语 不 爱 听   是    哎 哟 喂  
Flower words clever words don't love to listen to is hey yo
ā  gē jiǎng huà ruò yǒu yǐng   āi yō wèi 
阿 哥 讲    话  若  有  影     哎 哟 喂  
Brother speak if there is a shadow ah oh hello
āi yō   dāo qiāng zuò lù yě gǎn xíng 
哎 哟   刀  枪    做  路 也 敢  行   
Hey yo knife and gun do road also dare to go
āi yō wèi 
哎 哟 喂  
Hey hey hey
āi yō   āi yō āi yō āi yō 
哎 哟   哎 哟 哎 哟 哎 哟 
Yo yo yo yo yo yo
yǒu yí gè ā  jūn zài jiào wǒ 
有  一 个 阿 君  在  叫   我 
There was an Ah Jun calling me
sī xiǎng zhī 
思 想    枝  
Thought to branch
gān zhe hǎo chī   yī dōu shuāng tóu tián 
甘  蔗  好  吃    伊 都  双     头  甜   
Sugar cane tastes good and Idu has two sweet heads
dà mǒu ruò qǔ le ā  yī dōu qǔ xiǎo yí 
大 某  若  娶 了 啊 伊 都  娶 小   姨 
If da Mou marries Ah Idu marries young aunt
āi yō wèi   āi yō 
哎 哟 喂    哎 哟 
Yo yo yo
xiǎo yí bù kě qǔ qià hǎo 
小   姨 不 可 娶 恰  好  
A little aunt is not to be married
xiǎo yí qǔ lái rén rén ài 
小   姨 娶 来  人  人  爱 
A little aunt married to love
āi yō wèi   āi yō 
哎 哟 喂    哎 哟 
Yo yo yo
fàng qì dà mǒu shì shàng kě lián shì āi yō wèi 
放   弃 大 某  是  上    可 怜   是  哎 哟 喂  
Put abandon big some is on can pity is hey hey hey

Some Great Reviews About Si Xiang Zhi 思想枝 Love Branch

Listener 1: "Teng Lijun, the queen of the song, brings strong emotion into the song, the song is like a light and elegant spirit, full of sound aesthetic feeling! To hear her beautiful voice, so slow, so full of joy and thought, one cannot help but be absorbed in it…"

Listener 2: "There are some of the loneliest and most deplorable people in the world called thinkers, but they are far, far better than those who daydream, whine at night and don't write" Li SAO "…"

Listener 3: "Thought from", also known as thought branch, tree double branch, think double residence,…… It's an improvisational tune, an improvisational song. "Thinking from" is originally the heart of the Hengchun people, these people in southern Taiwan deep in the mountains, fishing, farming, often to the song "Thinking from" to eliminate the exhaustion brought by the hot sun. It is the tune of every heart that every man wants to speak! Unfortunately, the thought up by Taiwan's southern tip after singing all over the island, its plain, pure flavor, grew out of tune, that we had to thought that carried a decrepit old yueqin chenta, the desolate though 痖 thought ah — — — — — – thought of — — — — — – think of — — — — — — –. Sing another tangshan ballad, sing another thought, you sing me and!"

Listener 4: "Teresa Teng's music combines eastern and Western musical elements, fuses national and popularity, and creates her own singing style, which has influenced many famous singers of later generations. Gas voice is an important singing feature of Teresa Teng. On this basis, she has formed a unique delicate and subtle vibrato and a characteristic cry voice. She absorbed the articulation process of Chinese folk songs and operas, in which she paid attention to writing, rhyming and voice closing. She was good at using appoggion, Boing, glide and other embellishing techniques to express the different charms of songs, forming a euphemistic, refreshing, beautiful and fluent singing style full of national characteristics.

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