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Shi Fou Ai Guo Wo 是否爱过我 Whether You Loved Me Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Chen Kun 陈坤 Aloys Chen

Chinese Song Name: Shi Fou Ai Guo Wo 是否爱过我
English Tranlation Name: Whether You Loved Me 
Chinese Singer: Chen Kun 陈坤 Aloys Chen
Chinese Composer: Unknow
Chinese Lyrics: Unknow

Shi Fou Ai Guo Wo 是否爱过我 Whether You Loved Me Lyrics 歌詞 With Pinyin By Chen Kun 陈坤 Aloys Chen

Learn Chinese Time From This Chinese Song Lyrics:

gū dú de jiē 
孤 独 的 街  
Solitary alone in the street
zài yān yǔ zhōng fú xiàn 
在  烟  雨 中    浮 现   
Floating in the rain of smoke
duō xiǎng jù jué 
多  想    拒 绝  
Many want to rejected
zhè kǔ sè de shì jiè 
这  苦 涩 的 世  界  
This bitter world
huī sè de tiān kōng 
灰  色 的 天   空
The gray sky
duò luò de ní hóng 
堕  落  的 霓 虹   
Falling rainbows
wǒ zhàn zài lù kǒu 
我 站   在  路 口  
I stood at the entrance of the road
yíng zhe fēng yǔ 
迎   着  风   雨 
Against the wind the rain
bú zài shǎn duǒ 
不 在  闪   躲  
Not in hiding
gū dú de wǒ 
孤 独 的 我 
I am lonely alone
xiǎng lí kāi zhè shēng huó 
想    离 开  这  生    活  
I want to get away from this life
zěn néng bǎ cuì ruò 
怎  能   把 脆  弱  
How can we weaken the brittle
dàng zuò shì zhǒng jiě tuō 
当   做  是  种    解  脱  
When doing is a release
shāng gǎn de yí mù 
伤    感  的 一 幕 
A scene of hurt feelings
jù zhōng rén shì wǒ 
剧 中    人  是  我 
It was me
wú fǎ qù chù mō 
无 法 去 触  摸 
There is no way to touch
zhí yǒu sàn chǎng de luò mò 
只  有  散  场    的 落  寞 
Only scattered lonely field
yǒu shuí néng gào su wǒ 
有  谁   能   告  诉 我 
Who can tell me
nǐ shì fǒu ài guò wǒ 
你 是  否  爱 过  我 
Did you ever love me
yé xǔ zhè shì jié guǒ 
也 许 这  是  结  果  
Maybe this is the fruit
què wèi hé rú cǐ de lěng mò 
却  为  何 如 此 的 冷   漠 
But why this cold desert
nǐ shì fǒu ài guò wǒ 
你 是  否  爱 过  我 
Did you ever love me
nǐ shì fǒu hái zhí zhuó 
你 是  否  还  执  着   
Are you still holding on
xīn tòng de gǎn jué 
心  痛   的 感  觉  
The sensation of heart pain
màn yán jì mò de wǒ 
蔓  延  寂 寞 的 我 
Lonely lonely me

Some Great Reviews About Shi Fou Ai Guo Wo 是否爱过我 Whether You Loved Me

Listener 1: "Like his soul, like his acting, like his tsundere, like his reality, beautiful skin, interesting soul is rare, I like you Chen kun."

Listener 2: "There is only one person in travel, to hear his voice, it will tell you, this world wide than imagination, in this world, you may encounter opportunities, and never run into" god ", his own way, still have to go, after many years, recall such confusion may even can't remember the cause of the persistent, youth is to make you smile, also give you a sense of pain, memory is a wonderful thing, it lives in the past, now, but it can affect the future……"

Listener 3: "TV series" like rain like mist is like the wind, tells the period of the republic of China Shanghai four pairs of the introduction of sensitized poignant love story, the ever love me as the show's opening theme, foil out of the show's sad mood, clearly love the people but for various reasons can not live together, love their own people cannot accept, finally to a closure. The piano is the main melody in the prelude, and strings and the guzheng are added at the climax of the melody, so that the sadness of the melody is more suitable to the plot of the play."

Listener 4: "Recently I really take Chen kun with a new eye. Such an excellent man, I hope he can find his happiness as soon as possible, but I am reluctant to… Such a real person, dare to without makeup on the program, although with ni ni interaction close, but also as far as possible to grasp the scale, the song is still so loud and clear! I like them more and more."

Listener 5: "Listen to him sing this song, to see like fog like rain like wind, the ending is very heartbreaking"

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